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Collaborate with your Families

Passare’s most unique feature is the Family Collaboration Center, a highly interactive, real-time environment that simplifies the planning process for both you and the families you serve.

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Take the Collaboration Center for a spin and see how easy it is for families to enter biographical information, select preferences, work on the obituary, and even chat with one another and you, their funeral director.



Writing a great obituary that everyone is happy with can seem like an impossible task at times. That is why funeral directors love the obituary feature on Passare. Family members can log on to Passare and start working on the obituary from anywhere, at any time. No more emails going back and forth, no more confusion about which version to send to the paper. Passare keeps everyone on the same page so you don’t have to.


Most families use phone calls, email, text, or social media to communicate and organize their ideas about a final celebration of life ceremony. The only problem is, those conversations are happening way before the family ever steps through your doors. Passare’s chat feature brings the funeral director back into the center of those conversations. The chat function allows family members to collaborate in real time with each other and their funeral director, making the planning process easier, faster, and more efficient for everyone.


With Passare, you can create custom checklists for your families to view and interact with. Checklists can be set up as questionnaires to gather important information that will help you get to know their lost loved one. Checklists are also helpful in informing the family of what to bring and which tasks need to be accomplished by a certain time. Finally, read-only checklists can also be shared with families to appraise them of the status of important documentation, such as the death certificate, veteran’s benefits claim, or life insurance claim.

Imminent Need

Passare’s Collaboration Center is also available to imminent need families, helping them to work ahead without having to leave their loved one’s bedside. Family members can enter biographical information, work on the obituary, and select preferences wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them. The best part? Passare saves you time by doing all the heavy lifting for you. By the time everyone comes in for the final arrangement, most of the work has already been done. It’s a win-win for you and the families you serve.