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5 Things to Consider when Choosing Funeral Home Technology

August 6, 2020

Feature image of 5 Things to Consider when Choosing Funeral Home Technology

By Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product 

Technology is becoming more ingrained in our daily lives because let’s face it: it makes our lives easier. We use technology to track traffic down to the minute, order food online, and provide security for our homes in the form of surveillance, to name a fewMany companies strive to constantly innovate to better meet the needs of their customers with better technology, and the same is true for funeral service. 

Think about it. With the technology available today, funeral professionals can save time, streamline processes, reduce paperwork and data entry, and have more time to spend face to face with families. Those who don’t adapt risk losing out to online competitors, even if local competition is not a big concern. 

In the previous article, I discussed the “why” behind bringing your funeral home up to date with technology. This week, I’ll illustrate the five things to look for when adopting new technology solutions in your funeral home. Let’s take a look!

1. Ease of Use

Can new staff members pick it up easily? Your technology should be user-friendly and intuitive. Happy employees make for satisfied families! 

Is it cloud-based or is it installed on only one or two computers? As a funeral director, you need flexibility. Look for cloud-based software that you can access from anywhere, anytime…even from home!  

Are you limited to a certain number of devices? Some software companies try to nickel and dime you on the number of devices they allow. Don’t fall for this trap!

2. Safety and Security

What security measures are in place for the server? Is your data stored on an onsite server or computer? If so, your data is at risk because you have no backup. Make sure your data is backed up to secure, off-site servers using the highest level of safety and security measures. 

How often is your data backed up? Does your technology provider charge extra to back up your data? Look for providers that understand the importance of backing up your data regularly. 

Can you access all your data at any time? Some providers act like they own your data instead of you. Make sure you can access your data and export it at any time into a format you can use and easily open. Don’t work with software companies who hold your data hostage and require an extra charge just to give you access to the data that rightfully belongs to you.

3. Efficiency/ Time Savings

How much time (labor cost) will this technology save me? Time is money! The biggest benefit of using technology is saving time on routine tasks that are better suited to a computer. Make sure your technology is saving you time, not creating more hassles than necessary. 

What kind of integrations does the technology provide? Integrations with multiple providers will also save you time. For example, if your case management software connects to your website and memorial printer and offers accounting exports or integrations, you have a winner. 

How much more transparency & accountability will this bring to my operations? Choose technology that brings clarity and transparency to avoid miscommunications and pinpoint areas for improving processes.

4. Support and Ongoing Development

How responsive is the support team and how accessible are they? Make sure to choose a provider that has a responsive support team that you can easily reach when you have questions or concerns.. 

Has the platform/technology improved in the last six months? Ask to speak to current users of the platform or service. If the software has not been updated or improved in the last six months, stay away! 

Are you charged for updates? While you are talking to current users ask if they are charged separately for updates, software upgrades, or data extraction.

5. Improved Service to Families

How does this technology improve your families’ experience? More satisfied families mean more referrals for you. Look for providers that help you enhance your service to families. 

Can this technology be marketed as a competitive advantage? Consider whether the technology solution differentiates you as the leading provider in your area, and if so, market it! 

Passare Has it All 

We know it can be confusing when you are choosing between different types of software. By taking a look at these five things to consider, you will have a better idea of how the software will meet your needs at your funeral home. As it happens, Passare really does have it all when it comes to funeral home software: 

  • Passare is easy to use, cloud-based, and offers unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited updates, and free off-site backup for your data at no extra charge. 
  • The platform is safe and secure with the option to view and extract your data any time. 
  • Passare saves you time and money by providing integrations with websites, memorial printers, accounting programs, your answering service, preneed company, and more! 
  • The software is always being updated with new features that are completely FREE to customers. 
  • You’ll save time, be more organized and efficient, and serve your families better than ever!

If you want to learn more about bringing your funeral home into the 21st century, request a demo and see Passare in action! If you’d like more information about how Passare is helping funeral professionals serve new funeral consumers, check out this video 


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