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App of the Week: Grammarly

July 16, 2020

Feature image of App of the Week: Grammarly

By Amanda Williams, copywriter

Over the years, the Passare team has been asked about our recommendations for apps and technology. Without fail, people we meet at conferences and funeral homes ask us about the latest app, device, or platform and want our input. We love discussing this topic because more funeral professionals are becoming more efficient with using technology in their funeral homes, and we love to help there.

These conversations led us to create this “App of the Week” series in which we highlight one app or platform per week. This week, we’re looking at Grammarly and how it can make your writing stronger.

Grammarly: The “Free Online Writing Assistant”

Type of App: Productivity

Like Zapier, Grammarly is another one of those programs that you didn’t know you needed. According to their website, over 20 million people use Grammarly. The program automatically checks your messages, emails, texts, and written documents to ensure these documents are error-free. It has a trained, sophisticated AI to keep writing concise, help you to avoid misused or overused words and phrases, and, of course, check for basic grammar and sentence mechanics in everyday writing. Best of all, Grammarly helps you improve your writing with a brief explanation for every correction given so that you can avoid those errors in the future. Helpful, right?

Not only that, Grammarly can also detect the tone of your message and offer writing tips to adjust it to the preferred tone. I’m sure we’ve all written a message and wondered, how will this person interpret my message? Should I have used a period instead of an exclamation mark? You can banish those worries because the program can help you sound confident, enthusiastic, formal, and friendly, to name a few.

Cost and Availability

The price is included in the tagline, “the free online writing assistant.” However, Grammarly also has two monthly payment plans: Premium for individuals and Business for teams. The Premium plan is $29.95/month, and the monthly cost for the Business plan depends on how many users are on the plan. View the price plans in detail here.

Here are the ways to access Grammarly:

How to Use Grammarly in Your Funeral Home

It’s safe to say that funeral professionals spend a lot of time writing and typing on a daily basis. How often do you find yourself googling how to spell a certain word or searching for synonyms? With Grammarly, you can:

  • Check grammar and spelling while you’re typing an email to a family, business, or colleague
  • Fix language in the message to align with the tone you’re trying to convey
  • Use the online editor for long documents
  • Strengthen the writing of your employees and colleagues
  • Ensure every single piece of writing for your funeral home is error-free

With Grammarly, you don’t have to worry about those pesky spelling and punctuation mistakes. Try the free version and see what you think!

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