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App of the Week: RescueTime

June 26, 2020

Feature image of App of the Week: RescueTime

By Amanda Williams, copywriter 

It’s no secret that the people at Passare know a thing or two about technology. In fact, Vice President of Product Josh McQueen is a known “app enthusiast,” constantly trying out apps in his personal devices. “Though I try a lot of apps,” he said, “only a few are worth the time and money.”

So, which are? If you scroll through the App store or the Google Play store, you will find hundreds of different kinds of apps that are all competing for your download. This means you won’t just find one app when you search “workout tracker;” you’ll find at least 100 free and paid versions. Similarly, if you want to increase productivity, you will be met with habit trackers, time trackers, apps to stay focused, reminder apps, and many more.

That’s why, in our App of the Week series, I will be describing various apps, websites, and platforms that you can use in your business or on your personal devices. That said, let’s take a look at productivity app RescueTime!

RescueTime: The “Automatic Time-Tracking Software”

Type of app: Productivity

According to RescueTime’s website, the team needed this application after they discovered that they were “working hard, but not smart” during the workweek. They found that switching between projects, websites, and tasks was a focus killer, so the team set out to track productivity to see if they could make their workdays more productive and analyze how they actually spent their screen time.

RescueTime helps its users understand how they spend their time on computers or other devices during the day. They outline four main benefits of their platform:

  • Time tracking is automatic, not manual
  • Reports are insightful and comprehensive, giving you a look into your productivity and focus
  • Track time offline to see when you’ve been away and for how long
  • Block websites that may be distracting and killing your focus

RescueTime automatically tracks what takes up your screen time and compiles reports for you to review. With these reports, you’re able to see how focused you were on any particular project or website and work to adjust your focus.

Cost and Availability

RescueTime has two plans: a free “Lite” version and a $9/month premium option. They also have the RescueTime app available through iOS for Apple products and the Google Play store for Android devices. The phone app seems to work best when it is paired with the desktop version so that you can track all screen time across devices.

How You Can Use RescueTime in Your Funeral Home

Since RescueTime tracks websites and programs, you can see which tasks take up the most of your time. For example, if you spend three hours per day typing information into Excel and then spend one hour typing that same information into another system, you would be able to determine that you need to streamline your processes. Similarly, you could introduce RescueTime in your funeral home and track how much time your employees spend in front of a screen vs. with a family.

How do you track your productivity?

See you next week for another “App of the Week” feature!