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Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet with These Business Tools

The new year is approaching fast, and while you’ve likely already created, edited and reviewed your business plan for next year, there are still things to be thinking about when it comes to managing your funeral home. We’ve created a short list of some of our most helpful business management tools to help you make 2023, your best year yet.

1. Check and balance your financials

With our Financials feature, you can keep an eye on your account balances, write digital checks, and see your inventory, all in Passare. Once you set up your bank account within Passare, you can monitor transactions and manage checks. For example, if you currently have to write multiple checks to the same vendor, you can just write one check and tie it to multiple cases to save time. You can also write business checks and track it all in Passare. Plus, you can see inventory and easily add, edit, or transfer items between locations, and hide sold or pending items.​​

With these financial insights, say hello to improved efficiency in 2023. You can even set up your bank balances right now! Here’s the complete walkthrough.

2. Geek out over your business reports

How will you know how far you’ve come if you don’t know where you started? Reporting is a key part of owning a business. Passare’s robust reporting system allows you to create reports on virtually anything, so that you are completely in the know about how efficiently your team is operating, where your best lead sources are from, or how you’re doing on your revenue goals. Run, don’t walk, to find the next insight that will help you make the best decisions for your business this year. Get started here.

3. Know what's on hand with inventory management

No more using pen and paper and manual spreadsheets to manage inventory. Track it all in Passare! This improved feature is a streamlined, automated, and user-friendly experience for managing inventory sales, transfers, and reporting. You can:

  • Add inventory and edit, remove, transfer, and stay up to date on the statuses of different inventory items.

  • Track item location, cost, quantity, and category.

  • Always know what inventory is on hand, what has been sold, and more.

If an item is sold, simply note this in Passare and eliminate the chance of a double purchase. If an order comes in, simply add items in Passare so you always know what’s available. Get started with this feature here.

You can even add inventory to your Goods & Services page! See how to do that here.

4. See the location of any item using barcode tracking

When a family places their loved one into your care, they’ve chosen to place their trust in not only you, but your entire staff. Tragic mistakes like cremating the wrong body or losing a precious family heirloom can break that trust, devastating to the family, to you, and your business. One way to avoid situations like these is through decedent tracking. If you’re not using this extremely important feature in Passare, don’t wait. Use our barcode tracking app to track the location of a body, jewelry, or any other items, and get up-to-date information about where an item is. Get started now here.


We want 2023 to be your most productive year yet

This year may have been great, but we want 2023 to be your best, most productive year yet. That’s why we want to make sure you get off on the right foot with these features to help you manage your business and connect with families.

Need help getting one of these features set up and ready to use in your funeral home? Our support team is here to help! Contact us at or call 1-800-692-5111.


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