Spotlight: Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation Service

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation Service, Ford Funeral Service, and Wilson Funeral Home

Locations: Edmond, Midwest City, and El Reno, Oklahoma
Call Volume: 280 Calls/Year

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Marcus Crawford, owner of Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation in Edmond, OK, Ford Funeral Service in Midwest City, OK, and Wilson Funeral Home in El Reno, OK, recently began using Passare to enhance the service he provides to families and to streamline a multi-location business. Here’s what he had to say:

What do you like most about Passare so far?

The Collaboration Center was intriguing to us from the beginning. It allows us to get to know more about the family before the arrangement meeting. It gets the family involved in making decisions early on in the process, and they are able to work in a much more comfortable environment around their own dinner table rather than at the funeral home. We get to know more about who they are and that helps us be better prepared to provide them with ideas and different ways to celebrate lives. Passare is also very user-friendly. Our staff is excited about saving time and being more efficient. We no longer have to fill out forms by hand, so our funeral directors can use their creative minds when they meet with a family rather than their administrative minds. It frees them to put together a ceremony that is meaningful to each family we serve.

As a funeral director, what do you think are the biggest benefits of using Passare?

The biggest benefit for us is its simplicity. From a multi-location standpoint, I can see all of my branches at one time without logging out and logging back in. You can see everything that is happening all from one place, and you can share that information with other funeral directors, which has helped us become more efficient. After our first training session, our most senior funeral director came up to me and said he couldn’t tell me how excited he was about using this new system. He had been hesitant at first, but after training, he could see how easy it would be to use.

Have you seen an increased demand for communicating with families via email and text over the last few years?

Yes, we’ve definitely seen an increase in families wanting to communicate through email and text, especially. They don’t want to have a conversation as much, just a quick text here and there to see if everything is on track. It’s not a very efficient way of doing things because if they email or text one director, then nobody else knows what was said. With Passare, we will be able to track all communication from one place, which will help us become much more efficient in serving families.

How do you see Passare enhancing the level of service you are able to provide to families?

I see a huge value in the Collaboration Center. This may not be the solution for all families, but for at least 50% of families, I can see that it will be a huge benefit. We are in a very mobile community, and people move in and out all the time. A lot of times, one or two siblings don’t live in town, and this will give them a way to participate and collaborate even when they are out of state.

How have you seen Passare’s customer support team respond to your feedback and needs?

The support has been stellar thus far. I did click on the support button and leave a comment once, and it was a quick response. Any time I’ve called, I’ve always talked to someone who is knowledgeable and who helped me. I also have to say that I’ve been impressed with the updates that come out every few weeks. I like that Passare isn’t just saying “we’re happy with where we’re at.” They are continually putting out new updates, listening to our needs, and improving the product.