Spotlight: Fry-Smith Funeral Home

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Fry-Smith Funeral Home
Location: Tusola, Texas
Call Volume: 40 Calls/Year

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Matt Smith, owner of Fry-Smith Funeral Home in Tuscola, TX, recently chose to work with Passare to streamline his processes and free up more time to serve families. As a small operation with limited manpower, efficiency and good time management were Matt’s key concerns.

How has Passare been working for you so far?

I always like to gauge how something new is working. With Passare being new to my funeral home, I wanted to find out how it was working. One morning, I discovered through the Collaboration Center just how well it was working when I found 59 collaborations on one service! That tells me that families are coming to the website, taking interest, putting information in about their loved one, and finding value in the Passare product.

What aspect of using Passare have you found to be the most beneficial to you and your business?

One of the hardest things we were facing as a funeral home was double entry of information. As I was looking for a management program, I wanted to find one that could take all the information of the deceased, put it in one central area, and allow us to access it from almost anywhere. Passare has actually done that for us. I now have access to the information I need when I need it. It’s always at my fingertips.

Have you been able to increase your funeral home’s efficiency by using Passare’s platform?

The goal of having Passare in my funeral home was to keep it manageable for one person to run the funeral home more efficiently. As a small funeral home with 30 to 50 calls per year, we don’t have a large staff. Passare saves me time and allows me to manage my funeral home and offer more personal service to families. The best part? I now get to spend more time at home with my own family!

How have you incorporated using the Collaboration Center with the families you serve?

We use the Collaboration Center consistently. One of the first things I do as a funeral director is email the family a link to Passare. Almost every time, immediately after I send the Collaboration Center link, the family members are inside the Collaboration Center and entering information. This is even before we’ve had our first initial arrangement. In the funeral profession right now, we are seeing more and more families dispersed across the United States. No longer is one family centrally located in one community like they were in years past. Passare and the internet allow us to connect that family back together.

How has your experience with the Passare customer support team been?

If there is a question or a need, they are on top of it. The support and communication has been phenomenal. If I have a problem, they are there to take care of it. The other great thing is the tab in Passare where you can submit comments and suggestions. Some of the suggestions we’ve made have made it onto the next release, and it’s made a big difference. That is very nice to see.