Spotlight: Horan & McConaty

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Horan & McConaty
Locations: 7 locations in the Denver, Colorado area
Call Volume: 2,000 Calls/Year

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Michael Wellensiek, VP and Director of Immediate Need Operations at Horan & McConaty in Denver, Colorado, has overseen the progress of a massive shift in the way his high call volume funeral home and staff conduct their day-to-day business. Horan & McConaty went from a typical funeral business to a plugged-in, cloud-based operation that uses the latest technology to collaborate with the families they serve.

Can you tell us about the transition you experienced moving to a more cloud-based operation?


Sure. I think we were in a unique situation where we had a number of brand new funeral directors. They came in during the transition from the old software to the new software, and we had them work with both systems. They became advocates of the new system, Passare, from Day 1. In fact, a lot of the questions were, “Why are you even using the old system anymore?” I think that helped with our senior directors. Here are six new funeral directors saying that “This is such a great software. My life is easier, it’s efficient, it flows well.” It helped convince them, I guess, as to the benefits. As they’ve used it, they realize, “Yeah, it’s a much better software.”

When you learned that you were going to be changing to this new system, how did you feel?

I was a little scared but a little excited, too. We needed a change. A big part of what really helped me was the responsiveness of Passare’s support team. That was a new experience for me, as an administrator. I would ask for something or need help with something, and 10 minutes later, I’d get a call saying, “Let’s get this fixed. Right now.” We’ve only been live with Passare for less than a year, but the updates and enhancements that happened in that year are more than we experienced in 5 or 6 years with another software company.

How do you think this new system is helping you and your staff do your job better?

Even before Passare, for us, Denver, Colorado, is a very diverse, very transient population. A lot of people have moved here from all over, really. The more we see that, the more we see where social media is playing an important part in the communication for families at the time of a funeral. I think Passare dovetailed right into that need. Now, we have the ability to say, “Let me have your email. I’ll send you some information, and let’s collaborate together online. If you want to come by in a day or two, that’s fine. But we can start gathering information now.”

So, this new system is helping you serve families that maybe are coming in from out of town?

Right. And also, even for our local families, I think what you see is, you have people coming in that feel empowered. The ones who want technology, in my opinion, want it because they want control. They want to be able, in their private space, to say, “I’m going to make my own decisions without any outside influence.” Passare is giving them the information they need so they can make those decisions.

What are some of the results that you have seen from using this technology?

I think for us, the biggest thing we have seen would be efficiencies. I also think, with that efficiency, I’ve got a funeral director that knows, “All right. This is going to be streamlined. It’s going to save me a half hour. It’s going to save me 45 minutes.” Rather than being focused on the arrangement they have two hours down the road, they’re going to be more focused on that family they’re dealing with.

What would you say to someone who says, “Why should I trust this new company?”

Passare keeps their commitments. They are growing and continuing to develop and change, but they want to change. They’re not set in their ways, saying, “This is the way we do it, and we want you to change as a funeral home to accommodate Passare.” Passare looks at it as, “We’re going to be customizable to everybody.” They want you to be successful, however you define it. I really like that about Passare.