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Video Testimonial: Lytle Funeral Homes & Cremation Services

Ken Goins, funeral director with Lytle Funeral Homes & Cremation Services in Madison, Indiana, shares his experience collaborating with Passare.

“In the last year and a half, we have acquired two other funeral homes. Going from one to three took some doing, and we needed some kind of a database that would help us to grow and get away from the local database in each computer,” said Ken. “So, we investigated and found Passare was the cloud-based database for what we needed. We can access it from any device, which is perfect. Rather than having to go to a funeral home, go to that specific computer where that database was, and look it up, we can access it from any computer, mobile device, or anything, from anywhere in the world. And we can also talk to families at two or three o’clock in the morning intelligently, without having to go anyplace else and look if they have a preneed, any kind of prearrangements, to let them know we’re on top of things.”

Ken also emphasized that training and ongoing customer support with Passare has been outstanding: “Training support is essential. Training is necessary to keep updated with everything. This is moving so fast, Passare is moving so quickly. Customer support at Passare is excellent. Any time we call with a problem, they are right there, telling us how to fix that problem or concern. If we need a new form, whatever it is, they are right there to help us do that and do it for us.”