Video: Myrhum Patten Miller & Kietzer Funeral & Cremation Service

Matt Myrhum, funeral director and owner of Myrhum Patten Miller & Kietzer Funeral & Cremation Service in West Bend, Wisconsin, shares his experience collaborating with Passare.

One of the biggest benefits Matt has seen in using Passare is the efficiency gained through seamless integration with preneed contracts:

“The integration of getting the preneed contracts that we have to convert those to at-need when somebody passes away has been seamless,” said Matt. Myrhum Patten Miller & Kietzer Funeral Home work with Funeral Directors Life, which integrates preneed cases seamlessly within Passare’s case management system.

Matt also has been very pleased with the ability to access information on case files remotely, anytime, from anywhere: “We have four locations, and the ability to access the information that’s on Passare from any one of the locations at any time has been a huge asset to us,” said Matt. “We can have a director meeting with a family in one location, and an office manager at another location viewing the information, filling out the obituary, filling out the necessary paperwork for that director, without having to have them in the same building at the same time.”

Matt also sees the value of being able to use the Passare platform to collaborate with families, especially those who are out of town. “One of the things we are looking forward to is using the Collaboration Center on Passare to be able to communicate with families that have a death out of state,” said Matt. “So, if we have somebody that passes away locally, but the family lives in Florida or Texas, we can actually start that collaboration together, get all of the necessary information that we need to make the arrangements before the family even comes into the funeral home.”

Overall, Matt is excited about the capabilities of Passare that go beyond a virtual filing cabinet. “I think that the advantage Passare has is that not only does it do your day-to-day paperwork, but the Collaboration Center side of it, to be able to communicate with your families, and again, especially families that are out of town, and then the side of it that connects to your preneed contracts that can convert them to your at-need side as soon as somebody passes away, I think it does a lot more than just a simple back-room office software program,” said Matt.