Video Testimonial: Riggle-Waltermann Mortuary

Eric Davis, funeral director with Riggle-Waltermann Mortuary in Richmond, Indiana, shares his experience collaborating with Passare.

Eric finds that his ability to search through files using any relationship has been especially helpful in keeping him in the know with the families he serves: “It’s been a wonderful funeral tracking software, the way that we can search via relatives of the family,” said Eric. “We meet and greet a lot of people throughout years of meeting with people, so when people come in, we can search via any relationship with the deceased so that we can be knowledgeable.”

Riggle-Waltermann Mortuary has also been very successful in engaging with families to gather vital information prior to the arrangement conference. “The Collaboration Center that we have used has been very, very easy to use, and surprisingly accepted by a lot of families,” said Eric. “The information that we have before they even come in for the arrangement conference has helped me as a funeral director in the sense that I can know what church they are wanting to use, and I can contact them and find out available dates; I can know what cemetery [they want to use]. If I don’t already have the cemetery pricing, if maybe it’s out of town, I can know that information going into the situation so that when they come in for arrangements, I don’t have to excuse myself to find information.”

With Passare’s Collaboration Center, Eric now enjoys being able to spend more time helping families plan a personalized funeral service rather than focusing on vital statistics and obituary information: “I would say probably 90% of the time that family members accept the Collaboration Center and use it, the death certificate information is already done by the time they come in to make arrangements. A lot of times, the obituary is already most of the way written, so we can spend more time in the arrangement conference personalizing their funeral service instead of doing a Q&A trying to get all of that information that we need for death certificates. So, it’s helped us out a lot.”

Eric adds that Passare has also helped him with reducing paperwork and improving efficiency with its mobile-friendly platform. “We do a lot of our financials through there. All of our Statement of Goods & Services are printed through there,” said Eric. “It’s also mobile-friendly. We put all of our prearrangements in even though they weren’t done through FDLIC, maybe it was prior that, we’ve scanned those in. So, when somebody passes away, at home, I can search them through Passare and find out if they have a prearrangement or not before I even go to the house or nursing home, so I can know going in ahead of time whether they have a prearrangement. I do that on my phone.”