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Never miss a beat when serving families as a team


Connect and communicate with families in real time


Manage your business with real-time reports and insights


Connect with partners to enhance your efficiency


Collaborate with other funeral homes and your Passare team


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Upcoming Webinars

There are currently no upcoming webinars scheduled. We are working hard to produce more content that will continue to help funeral professionals collaborate with families. In the meantime, check out our past webinars below!

Past Webinars

If you missed one of our webinars, don’t worry! You can still access past webinars to learn more about using the Collaboration Center and working remotely with your team and families.

Passare’s Roadmap Update

Chris Gomez, Director of Product Marketing, and Marcus Wilson, Director of Product Management, share Passare’s product roadmap for the rest of the year. From the biggest releases to exciting, upcoming launches, learn how Passare is staying ahead of the curve to bring the best features to their customers.

Working With Your Families Remotely

In this webinar, we walk through the basics of the Collaboration Center so you can begin using it immediately, provide practical steps and advice on how to position online collaboration with families, and update you on what’s to come and other communication tools to help you serve your families.

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Using the Planning Center

In this webinar, we perform and in-depth walk-through of the platform from the family’s viewpoint. We also go over common misconceptions about collaboration software and unique features and benefits of the Planning Center.

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