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How Financials Can Help You Keep Track of Your Funds

August 17, 2020

Feature image of How Financials Can Help You Keep Track of Your Funds

Keeping track of financial information in your funeral home is tough. Most days, you have a steady stream of purchases and need to keep record of your incoming and outgoing payments. And if you have multiple locations with employees all making purchasing decisions, you want an accurate picture of available funds in the bank. Due to these concerns, we’ve created a way for you to manage it.

Welcome to Financials, a feature that bundles two powerful, easy-to-use features: Accounts and Check Writing. With Financials, Passare users can keep track of bank transactions and written checks in one accessible place without the need to use multiple systems.

So, how does it work? Let’s look at the two features available in Financials: Check Writing and Accounts.

The Check Writing Feature

Checks are essential when paying your florist and vendors, and within Financials, keeping track of check payments has never been easier! You start by first setting your initial bank balance (more on that below). Then when you create a check, you’ll see your current balances and available funds. Another benefit of this feature? Now you can write one check for the full amount and link each case to that single check, rather than write a check for each case, especially if you write several checks to the same person, like your florist.

You can also now write checks for non-case-related items, such as water and heating bills. Keep track of your payments without having to leave Passare. Now, that’s convenience!

Track Your Bank Balances with Accounts

This feature has been one of our most requested. Why? Well, switching between software platforms all day is not fun and wastes your valuable time. Plus, if you are the only one with the passwords, you might get the question, “How much do we have in the account?” a lot. Then you have to log in to your accounting software to check. There’s an easier way.

As mentioned above, all you have to do is put in a starting balance, and Passare will keep track of that balance as batch deposits, checks, and transactions are applied. This feature is secure and eliminates the hassle of jumping back and forth between programs. Simply record each transaction in Passare. The best part? You don’t have to connect to your actual bank account. By setting your opening balance, you essentially will “mirror” what is happening in your actual account, making for a safe and secure process.

Financials is For You

The Financials feature can help you stay organized and ensure you never miss a thing. With Check Writing and Accounts, streamline your processes like never before.

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