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How Passare Gives You More Quality Time with the Families You Serve

November 13, 2020

Feature image of How Passare Gives You More Quality Time with the Families You Serve

By Kelly Gilgenbach, Vice President of Sales

For the past 10 years, we have seen a shift in funeral consumers toward a preference for text, email, and phone calls to plan a funeral. More families want to connect with you through technology. The question is, do you have the tools to be able to do this successfully? 

Some funeral directors fear that a shift toward using technology in the planning process would feel impersonal and keep them from being able to connect with families. However, these funeral homes are missing out on an incredible opportunity to enhance their customer satisfaction with families who prefer to collaborate online, can’t come into the funeral home to plan due to the pandemic, or simply can’t travel in from out of town before the funeral 

So, what if I told you that you can actually increase the quality of the time you spend with the family by collaborating online? It’s true! Not only that, you can save time on administrative tasks and as a result have more time with your own family at home. Now, that’s a win-win-win! 

How Collaboration Increases Quality Time 

With Passare’s Collaboration Center, the family is able to enter vital statistics information, write the obituary, and upload photos, and access customized checklists, which will free up time during the arrangement conference to focus more time on making the funeral or memorial more personal and meaningful. 

Below are a few Passare customer stories about their experience using the Collaboration Center to experience more quality time with families and less time on paperwork 

Chris’s Story 

Chris Brown from Gednetz-Ruzek & Brown Funeral Home & Cremation Service uses the Collaboration Center so that he can have more valuable face time with his families: 

“We’ve had [families] say, I really appreciate the fact that I can do this from home. Some families input the bare minimum of biographical information and others fill out every single question in there I think the best part is that Passare and the Collaboration Center allow us more time to actually help the family personalize the service. If the family fills out the information online, we can get to know their loved one before the family comes in, which allows us to offer tailored suggestions and dedicate more time to creating a unique experience for the family. 

Dana’s Story 

Dana Overcash of Cavin-Cook Funeral Home & Crematory loves how she can keep track of important information and documents in one place and eliminate issues with backandforth communication: 

“Before Passare, we would go back and forth via email or phone conversations to gather all the information we needed, but with the Collaboration Center, we can give the family the opportunity to be more involved and more hands on. Plus, the Collaboration Center has also helped us to make sure that we have everything correct and in place without requiring that the family walk through our doors.” 

Bruce’s Story 

The Collaboration Center can also help funeral directors connect with families who are physically apart, separated by city or state lines. Bruce Kelley, funeral director at Mercer-Adams Funeral Service, describes this exact scenario he experienced: 

“I love the Collaboration Center, so I use it all the time. It’s incredibly convenient, even for families who don’t use it. Sometimes they’ll say, “I didn’t put anything in, but I appreciated being able to look at what you were going to be asking me.” Recently, I had a case where there were three children: one here, one on the east coast, and another on the west coast. For me, it was rewarding to watch them share the obituary and vital statistic information back and forth and work together. The Collaboration Center helps bring families together, even if they’re physically apart.” 

Bill’s Story 

Bill Vallie, Regional Manager for Legacy Funeral Group, started utilizing the Collaboration Center once the pandemic hit, and he realized families couldn’t come into the funeral home due to shelter in place orders and travel restrictions. After including an online strategy, Bill describes how he now invites 96% of his families to collaborate online, and 63% of families take him up on his offer! 

 Less Paperwork, More Quality Interactions 

Notice that Chris, Dana, Bruce, and Bill didn’t force anyone to collaborate; it was quite the opposite, actually! After being presented with the option to collaborate with team members and family members online, families were able to choose for themselves if they wanted to use the tool. Statistics of over 400,000 cases in Passare show that 1 in 2 families will take advantage of collaborating online when presented with the option. That means more quality time during the arrangement conference and less time doing paperwork and administrative tasks.  

So, how do you have more quality time with families? Give families the option to collaborate on the administrative tasks ahead of time and spend your arrangement conferences talking about what’s most important: planning a funeral or memorial for the loved one. 

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