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How Passare Helps You Spend More Time with Your Own Family

November 6, 2020

Feature image of How Passare Helps You Spend More Time with Your Own Family

By Kelly Gilgenbach, Vice President of Sales

Picture this: you’re relaxing in your backyard with your family. The kids are running around, and your spouse is preparing a delicious entrée for dinner: your favorite. The sun is shining, but the breeze keeps you cool, and your feet are propped up while you catch up on stories from the latest news cycle.  

Then, your phone starts vibrating. Or ringing. Or both.  

You snap out of your tranquil evening spell and reach for your cell phone. It’s the office, and they need you to come in and help with a case, answer vendor questions, or fill out forms. Because you’re passionate about serving families, you go, even though it means leaving your own. 

For so many funeral professionals, vacations, days off, and quiet evenings at home are far from the norm. They often have to decide between personal time and work commitments, all the while wondering if there’s a way to do both successfully. Well, there is! With Passare, funeral professionals CAN do it all (with a little help from 21st century funeral home technology!). 

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere 

Thanks to Passare’s cloud-based funeral home software, gone are the days of physically needing to head to the office to pull up information on a case! The cloud-based accessibility is just one of the ways Passare has helped funeral directors save time and spend more quality time with their own families.  

Here are a couple of stories that have stood out to us: 

Gone Fishing 

One day, Ray Bartlett of Johnson Hagglund Funeral & Cremation Service and Ertl Funeral Home was out fishing with his son when he got an unexpected call: 

“I got a phone call from another funeral director who needed the name and phone number for a certain person. He asked, Well, do you have to go back to town? I immediately thought about Passare and said, Oh, wait a minute. I have a little Rolodex on my phone through Passare. Let me check real quick. I was able to give that funeral director what he needed right there from the front of the fishing boat.” 

Early Start to the Weekend 

Brian Dingmann, owner of Dingmann Funeral Care Burial and Cremation Services has also been able to maximize his time spent with family on the weekends 

Passare keeps [my wife and me] mobile and gives us the ability to do life even as we work. For instance, if we want to visit family for the weekend and I’ve had an arrangement on Friday morning, as soon as I’ve completed my time with the family, we hop in the car, and while my wife drives, I make all the calls, send all the emails, and enter everything into Passare. By the time we get to our destination, everything’s done. Before Passare, we would have needed to delay our trip while I finished at the office. Now, we get extra time with the family! 

Luckily, Ray didn’t have to cut short his precious family time, and Brian explained how he innovatively uses Passare from the passenger’s seat. The cloud-based system not only gives you freedom to access case information from anywhere, but it gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family. 

Spend More Time with Your Family 

The cloud-based technology and collaborative aspects of Passare make this technology the perfect on-the-go or work from home tool. It’s not just used for case management needs either! Use Passare to check financial information, run reports, fill out and print memorial cards, manage inventory, and so much more.  

Ray and Brian’s experiences sum up just how convenient Passare can be in a pinch. You don’t have to let down your team, your client families, or your own family. Now that’s a win-win-win! 


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