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Know What your Families are Looking for? 3 Emerging Trends to Watch

October 29, 2019

Feature image of Know What your Families are Looking for? 3 Emerging Trends to Watch

The Funeral Profession is rapidly changing and, according to the 2019 Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study conducted by the NFDA, consumer preferences are shifting more toward cremations and green funerals partnered with more personalized celebrations. 

Families want a one-of-a-kind and personal experience, and we will need to adapt to stay ahead of our consumers. Here are a few key takeaways from the study: 

Cremations and Green Funerals 

The 2019 Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study points to not only an increase in cremations but an increase in green funeral options. Over 51% of respondents said they would be interested in a green funeral because of environmental and cost-saving benefits. Many believe cremations are more eco-friendly, while others want a green burial, making the funeral as natural as possible with low environmental impact. While you may not offer a green burial at your funeral home, try offering biodegradable options for coffins and urns or work with the family to find more environmentally friendly options.   

“Religion-less” Funerals

While “religion-less” funeral have been an increasing trend, this most recent study shows the continuing decline of the importance of religion in the funeral ceremonyOnly 35% said they found religion an important part of a funeral. While this has changed the way we do funerals, it has also provided an opportunity for funeral homes and directors to think “outside the box” and offer non-traditional locations and services for families to have a meaningful and healing funeral. Regardless of the options and preferences, families still prefer expert guidance that only a funeral director can provide. 

Technology & Social Media 

Technology has closed the gap that can often separate grieving families. People are turning toward social networks and the internet to give and receive support. Not only are consumers using social media to stay connected, they are also researching funeral services and price shopping before they make contact with a funeral home. Passare’s Collaboration Center is a powerful tool that provides a way for the family to start planning and frees up your time to focus on funeral personalization and providing guidance on the grieving process. 

All these shifts provide unique opportunities for funeral directors to do what they do best – SERVE those who have lost a loved one. Passare believes in providing the best resources for funeral homes to reach families in their time of need. What other ways do you meet the unique needs of your customers? We want to hear from you! Email us at