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Passare® and CLAIMCHECK® Announce Integration

July 9, 2019

Abilene, TX – Passare®, a leading funeral home management software company, and CLAIMCHECK®, a life insurance assignment company, are proud to announce a new direct integration, which offers expedited payments on life insurance assignments for funeral homes and families following a loss.

“This new integration with CLAIMCHECK allows funeral directors to submit a life insurance assignment, check status updates, upload documents, and access reporting without ever having to leave their case management software. This is truly a seamless experience for funeral directors,” said Passare CEO, Jay Thomas.

“Passare already offers an integration with Funeral Directors Life preneed policies and recently added built-in credit card payment and electronic check payment options,” said Thomas. “Now, funeral homes can also accept life insurance assignments through the Passare platform, making Passare the only system that accommodates all of the major types of payment that funeral homes accept.”

Funeral home owners and managers will also benefit from accurate and up-to-date financial reporting on all payments within the system. “Processing payments within Passare improves the accuracy of reporting and saves time by eliminating duplicate data entry,” Thomas added.

Michelle Morgan, Director of Business Services for CLAIMCHECK, is also thrilled with the new integration, which means that her clients can enjoy a more streamlined process. “With this new integration, our mutual clients will be able to save time and run more of their business through a single platform,” said Morgan. “Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for our clients to do business. With this integration, they don’t have to log into multiple systems to check for status updates and upload documents.”

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