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Passare® and Everdays® Launch Partnership To Offer Free Integration

May 15, 2019

Feature image of Passare® and Everdays® Launch Partnership To Offer Free Integration

Abilene, TX and Detroit, MI – Passare, Inc. and Everdays, Inc. bring together two innovative platforms in one seamless integration. With the push of a button, Passare clients can access the power of the Everdays Memorial Announcement to help their client families easily reach everyone they need during a most difficult time.

“The Everdays platform helps families build supportive, social communities around the loss of a loved one,” said Passare CEO, Jay Thomas. “This integration is yet another way that Passare is seeking to make it as easy as possible for funeral homes to connect with families in a digital space.”

Available at no cost to Passare clients, this union streamlines access to Everdays, giving funeral homes a new way to bring value to the family well beyond the services and build a relationship with everyone touched by a loss, through cutting-edge technology.

“Having the ability to help client families seamlessly connect with friends and family, keep everyone updated as service details come together, get support from their community, and so much more is a great benefit for our customers to provide their families,” added Chris Baber, VP of Product Development at Passare. “The fact that case details are only entered once and then applied to multiple platforms is a huge time-saver.”

Nick Jaensch, Executive Vice President of Everdays, shared in the enthusiasm about the latest Everdays partnership. “Over 1,000 funeral homes have used Everdays to connect over 2 million family, friends, and community in just over two years. We pride ourselves on collaborating with progressive partners to best support the funeral homes we serve and help them elevate the care they deliver to their client families, so this integration is a perfect match. We are excited to launch this relationship with Passare, and our homes are eager to take advantage of it.”

Marlan Gary, Marlan Gary Funeral Home – Chapel of Peace in Columbus, OH, echoed the excitement. “As an owner, I have to assure that my home and our services are the best. As a Funeral Director, I need to ensure my families benefit from these standards. This integration will enable us to both serve and service our families faster and more effectively.”

Passare customers interested in turning on this new integration can contact Passare or Everdays. For more information, contact Passare at (800)692-5111 ( or Everdays at (248)480-2444 (


One of the greatest challenges in the funeral profession today is communication with today’s tech-savvy families and access to accurate and timely information when and where you need it. To meet this need, Passare offers the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools. Through Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families and access case information anytime, anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Offering unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited updates, and 24/7 customer support, Passare is helping funeral staff to save time, streamline processes, and spend more quality time with the families they serve and with their own families at home. To learn more about Passare and request a free demo, please visit


Everdays is the largest and fastest-growing social platform for building communities around milestone life events – providing free memorial announcements and keeping users up-to-date about deaths in their life’s network, enabling them to share memories, support, and condolences when loved ones need it most. Everdays gathers large communities of family and friends around each passing and puts deathcare professionals at the center of the conversation. The platform allows deathcare professionals to build relationships with key audiences, utilizing cutting-edge technology to bring communities back to the honored traditions of funeral gatherings. With Everdays, deathcare professionals gain the ability to serve the entire community while growing their business in an entirely new way and with an audience they’ve never reached before. To learn more, visit


Passare: Jeff Stewart, VP of Marketing/Passare | 1.800.692.9515 |

Everdays: Debbie Massey, Senior Manager – Customer Experience | 1.248.480.2444 |