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Passare® Announces Automated Texting Feature for Collaboration Center Invites

August 26, 2019

Feature image of Passare® Announces Automated Texting Feature for Collaboration Center Invites

Abilene, TX – Passare, Inc., the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools, is pleased to announce that an automated texting feature is now available to invite family members to collaborate online through Passare’s Family Collaboration Center.

“Most of our funeral home clients love the idea of collaborating online with families,” said Jay Thomas, CEO of Passare. “The problem is, the invitation to collaborate had to be triggered by a funeral director manually, and those invitations were through email. Now, funeral directors can automatically trigger a text invitation to any person who is added to a case with a mobile phone number on file. This just makes the process of inviting families to collaborate much smoother and more streamlined.”

Passare’s automated texting feature can be turned on or off by the funeral home admin so that funeral home owners can choose when the feature is active or not. In addition, any time a new person is added to a case, a checkbox can be unchecked to deactivate the automated text, if desired.

“Some funeral home owners are not ready to dive into collaboration when they first sign up with Passare, but those who do immediately begin to experience the benefits,” said Thomas. “We find that 71% of families who are invited to the Collaboration Center actually use it. And when they do, the information they enter can save a funeral director 30 to 45 minutes in an arrangement conference. So, instead of gathering information, their time can be spent creating a healing and meaningful service.”

“Having all the information filled out in the Collaboration Center beforehand saves a lot of time,” agreed John Urban, a funeral director at Fayette Memorial Funeral Home & Crematory in Texas, which was one of the first funeral homes to sign up with Passare. “It’s as smooth as a preneed! We get to talk about what the family wants for the service, rather than having to collect information for 45 minutes before we even get started.”

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