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Passare® Announces Electronic Check Payment Feature

May 28, 2019

Feature image of Passare® Announces Electronic Check Payment Feature

Passare, Inc. is proud to announce that clients can now run electronic check payments through Passare’s case management software, which allows for instant ACH transactions anytime, anywhere, using any device. Checks are processed through Passare’s integration with WePay, a leading online payment service provider.

Passare is the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools. Through Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families and team members through a robust cloud-based case management platform that allows unlimited users, unlimited devices, 24/7 access to customer support, and now, the ability to accept quick and easy electronic check payments.

“Traditionally, a funeral home may accept a check and deposit it a few days later,” said Jay Thomas, CEO of Passare. “Not only does this manual process take up time, there is also always the chance that the check may bounce. Now with Passare, funeral directors can process a check payment immediately via ACH transaction through our WePay integration. That means that you will know right then and there if the payment is good or if the family needs to find an alternative method of payment.”

The check payment feature also reduces data entry and ties directly into reports and accounting exports to create a seamless process for the funeral home.

“Our goal is to create a system through which a funeral home can manage their business, making the funeral director’s job easier,” added Thomas. “This feature frees up your funeral home staff from yet another errand (such as going to the bank to make deposits), and allows you to accept payments anywhere, anytime, whether it’s a credit card, debit card, or check.”

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