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Passare® Announces Integration with Funeral Innovations

July 26, 2019

Feature image of Passare® Announces Integration with Funeral Innovations

Abilene, TX – Passare, Inc. is proud to announce its integration with Funeral Innovations, a leading provider of websites and digital marketing services in the funeral industry.

“Funeral home customers are now able to send information such as the obituary, funeral service information, photos, and much more directly to their Funeral Innovations website,” said Passare CEO Jay Thomas. “With one click, funeral directors can create a new obituary page instantly, which saves time, reduces errors, and streamlines processes for our customers.”

Passare is the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools. Through Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families and team members through a robust cloud-based case management platform that allows unlimited users, unlimited devices, 24/7 access to customer support, and now, the ability to update websites hosted by Funeral Innovations.

“Our funeral home clients are always striving to save time and improve efficiency with their technology, leaving them more time to do what they do best: helping families,” said Funeral Innovations Co-Founder Zack Garbow. “By integrating with Passare, our mutual clients can now enjoy a single point of entry for managing their cases while enjoying all the benefits of our best-in-class websites and digital marketing platform. That means they can build stronger relationships with the families they serve with little to no extra effort.”

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