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Passare® Announces New and Improved Inventory Management Feature

July 17, 2020

Feature image of Passare® Announces New and Improved Inventory Management Feature

ABILENE, TX – July 17, 2020 – Passare, Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new and improved inventory management feature offering a more streamlined, automated, and user-friendly experience for managing inventory sales, transfers, and reporting.

“With this new inventory management feature, users can access all their inventory information in one convenient place, which gives funeral home staff real-time, reliable information to work with,” said Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product at Passare. “Funeral home owners and managers can also access on-demand reporting, which can help them make more accurate, data-driven decisions for their business.”

Most funeral homes use pen and paper or a spreadsheet to track and manage their inventory. This improved feature in Passare will be able to increase the funeral home’s efficiency by seamlessly integrating the funeral home’s final sales with inventory tracking and reporting within the system.

“Funeral homes can use this system to track caskets, urns, and other memorial items, such as register books and keepsakes,” said McQueen. “This new feature is extremely versatile and robust, able to help clients manage their inventory better, whether they serve hundreds or thousands of cases per year.”

To complement this new inventory management feature, Passare has refined the notification process of transferred inventory, which will enable users to easily accept or reject inventory and update each organization’s inventory accordingly.

“Automatic notifications and improved reporting will keep all users in the loop regarding the status of individual items and inventory as a whole,” McQueen continued. “At the end of the day, this feature was designed to be a valuable asset for our customers’ daily operations.”

Contact your Passare support team at 800-692-5111 or email to learn more about this feature. For more information about Passare’s cloud-based collaboration software with built-in business management tools, request a demo.