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Passare Announces New Collaboration Feature: Note Mentions

July 31, 2018

Feature image of Passare Announces New Collaboration Feature: Note Mentions

Passare, Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new collaboration feature, the ability to mention users in notes, checklists, and other system messages to trigger a notification, which allows funeral professionals to collaborate more effectively as they serve families.

Passare is the funeral profession’s only collaboration system with integrated case management, offering a best-in-class experience for funeral professionals and the families they serve.

With this latest release, Passare customers can mention other users within the system using the @ symbol, similar to how friends are mentioned on social media. Mentioning a user will trigger an email, text, or system notification. For example, if a funeral home manager using Passare wished to notify a funeral director that a family will be coming in for an arrangement conference, the manager would simply type @ and select the funeral director’s name from a dropdown list, and then the funeral director would receive a notification based on his/her notification settings. Groups or teams can also be notified of messages in a similar manner based on their roles in the organization.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the ability to mention users throughout the system,” said Jay Thomas, CEO of Passare. “No other administration system allows this level of team collaboration and responsiveness to families. This feature is one of many that our team has released based on feedback from our funeral home customers. This feature is a perfect example of how Passare is collaborating with the funeral profession to build the best collaboration system in the profession.”


Passare is the funeral industry’s only cloud-based collaboration system with integrated case management. With Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families anytime, anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Passare features a variety of integrations with some of the funeral profession’s leading providers such as ASD, CFS, funeralOne, Messenger, Frazer Consultants, Federated, Funeral Directors Life, and many more, which allows funeral professionals to save time, streamline processes, and collaborate as a team on cases. To learn more about Passare and request a free demo, please visit