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Passare Announces New eSignatures Feature

August 25, 2020

Feature image of Passare Announces New eSignatures Feature

ABILENE, TX – Passare, Inc. is excited to announce the arrival of eSignatures, an online signature solution for funeral homes. The tool allows funeral professionals to select multiple forms that need signatures and send each form to the appropriate signer, all with one click.

“eSignatures is a much-anticipated feature that we are excited to offer to our clients at this crucial time,” said Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product at Passare. “With many families wanting to work with funeral homes remotely due to the pandemic or simply being out of town, we wanted to provide our users with a simple online signature solution that was easy for both funeral professionals and the families they serve. I believe we achieved that with eSignatures.”

Rather than use a third-party signature software that requires forms to be set up, downloaded and re-uploaded into a funeral home’s case management software, Passare offers a seamless, built-in signature option. With eSignatures, the funeral home’s most commonly used forms are already set up for signatures, making it easy to begin using the feature right away. Once the forms are signed, they are automatically added to the case, so they can always be easily accessed when needed.

“To get signatures, all you need to do is select the forms you want signed, choose who you will send each form to, and then hit send,” said McQueen. “Then, the family will simply click to add their signature. There’s no need for the family to print, sign, scan, and email a document. There’s no need to download and upload forms on the funeral home’s end. It’s so simple.”

Passare has also built a robust notification system that will keep everyone in the loop on signed forms. With text and email notifications, the right people will be notified of a signature every time a form is signed. Extra security measures will ensure that the funeral home’s important documents are protected.

“eSignatures is safe and secure because it is login and password protected and accessible only from the Passare platform,” McQueen continued. “Ultimately, we hope this new feature reduces stress that often comes when gathering signatures remotely.”

For more information about this feature, contact your Passare support team at 800-692-5111, email, or visit the eSignatures page. For more information about Passare’s cloud-based collaboration software with built-in business management tools, request a demo today.