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Passare Announces New Financials Feature

August 19, 2020

Feature image of Passare Announces New Financials Feature

Abilene, TX – August 19, 2020 – Passare, Inc. is excited to announce the arrival of Financials, a feature that bundles two powerful, easy-to-use features: Accounts and Check Writing. With Financials, Passare users can keep track of bank transactions and written checks in one place without the need to use multiple systems.

The Accounts feature will track bank account balances in Passare, reducing the need to use external software to verify funds. The Accounts page will create a register of deposits, written checks, and bank transactions, all of which can be exported to your accounting system.

“Users can easily get started with the Accounts feature,” said Josh McQueen, Vice President of Product. “All one has to do is put in a starting balance, and Passare will keep track of that balance as batch deposits, checks, and transactions are applied. This feature is secure, which our customers will love.”

Also included in Financials is the Check Writing feature, which has seen a major upgrade. No longer do users have to write one check per contract item within a case or for a non-related case. The new Check Writing feature allows users the freedom to write one check for multiple contract items across several different cases.

“The Check Writing feature has increased functionality because a customer can write one check to the same florist and tie each case to that single check, rather than write a check for each case, especially if those checks are made out to the same person,” McQueen continued. “And from the Financials page, users can also view the available funds with the Accounts feature and confirm their bank balance is correct when writing the check, ensuring a seamless process all the way through.”

Contact your Passare support team at 800-692-5111 or email to learn more about this feature. For more information about Passare’s cloud-based collaboration software with built-in business management tools, request a demo.

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