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Passare® Releases New Case Type for Trade Cases

April 25, 2019

Feature image of Passare® Releases New Case Type for Trade Cases

Passare, Inc. is excited to announce the release of trade cases, a new type of case that will allow customers to track trade work including trade embalming, removals, and cremations.

“These case types are designed for funeral businesses that provide outsourced trade work to other funeral homes,” said Passare CEO, Jay Thomas. “The required information on these cases is much different from your typical funeral case, so we’ve created a dedicated type of case to help funeral businesses track these types of cases.”

Trade cases can now be tracked individually and used for custom reporting to help funeral professionals understand business trends and prepare for the future needs of the business.

“The trade case feature has been a major request from customers who perform trade cases and even from prospective customers whose sole business model is based on trade work in the funeral profession,” said Chris Baber, VP and Chief Product Officer. “We are proud to be the funeral profession’s most advanced case management system, which now includes this key piece for tracking, managing, and reporting on trade cases.”

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