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Spotlight: Feuerborn Family Funeral Service

March 3, 2020

Feature image of Spotlight: Feuerborn Family Funeral Service

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Garnett & Iola, KS

Call Volume: 260 Calls/Year

For more information, contact Reuben Feuerborn at

When Feuerborn Family Funeral Service began considering a change to their funeral home software, Reuben Feuerborn, funeral director and embalmer, was unsure what he would base his decision on. When he saw what Passare had to offer with its ease of use, cloud-based access to both locations, and the Family Collaboration Center, he knew it was time to make a change.

What was it that made you decide you needed a new way of doing things?

When I began considering a change in our funeral home software, I was unsure what I would base my decision on. After reviewing many of the current options in the marketplace, it became clear to me that the Collaboration Center was a “game changer.” I also appreciated the feeling that I was seeing just the tip of the iceberg, and we will continue to see innovation from Passare.

So far, what has been the biggest benefit to using Passare?

The fact that Passare is cloud-based has been the biggest benefit so far. Our locations are 25 miles apart, and Passare has enabled us to streamline our process and be more efficient with our time. We’ve been able to streamline our communication between our locations, so that if one location gets busy, the other location staff can step in and assist remotely. So, it’s been very nice to be able to work that way and get more done with the staff that we have between both locations. The internal notes on cases have also been a big help to us in improving our communication when serving families.

How are you utilizing the Collaboration Center? How have families responded?

The obituary portion is what we use the most in the Collaboration Center right now, and that has been really helpful in getting everyone on one page with the obituary, so we know the final one is really the final one! I’ve also seen a great benefit in using the Collaboration Center with out-of-town families. Shortly after we started using Passare, I worked with a family whose son lived in Oklahoma, a neighboring state, and with the Collaboration Center, we basically made the arrangements as if he was sitting in my arrangement office. If I wanted to show him anything, I would just drop a link in a message, and then he would open it right there. It’s valuable just to have this option available. Those who have used it have been pleased and mentioned it was simple and easy to use, so it’s been an overall positive response.

How have your employees responded to Passare?

Everybody embraced it. We all felt that it was time to pursue something else. I kept everyone involved, sitting in on the demos, so when we switched, they already knew what to expect and had seen what Passare has to offer. My staff also is able to log in on their phones or their computers at home and we’ve been able to be more efficient with our time that way. We are still learning, but
everyone has found it easy to use and a lot more expansive in its capabilities to help us serve families.

How has your customer service experience with Passare been?

It’s been excellent. When we were making the transition to Passare, we had several webinars and everything went very smoothly with the training provided. Especially with the level of support we receive, I’ve never questioned whether going with Passare was the right move or not. I’ve known from the beginning it was best for us.

If you were to talk to another funeral professional about Passare, what would you tell them?

I would say you have to give Passare a look. The platform should be able to meet all of your needs, especially as you look to the future. Passare is a step ahead, and I’m confident in the direction Passare is headed. I have confidence in where Passare is today and also where they will be five years from now. They are continuing to help us in the funeral profession connect with families in new and innovative ways. If you are using email or text or even a fax machine to communicate with families and gather information, there is a better way, and Passare is the way to go.