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Spotlight: Ludwick Funeral Homes

March 25, 2019

Feature image of Spotlight: Ludwick Funeral Homes

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Ludwick Funeral Homes

Location: Kutztown and Topton, PA

Call Volume: 160 Calls/Year

For more information, contact Deron Youse at

Deron Youse serves at Ludwick Funeral Homes as a licensed funeral director and is a past president of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association. Deron began looking for a software that would help him increase efficiency and provide state-of-the-art assistance to his families. Passare’s cloud-based case management system stood out, especially with the Family Collaboration Center.

What has your experience been with Passare so far?

We went from pen and paper and jumped right into Passare. It’s been a night and day difference. Passare is a great time saver and has kept my staff from having to make numerous trips to the funeral home just to check a case file. Instead, we can access any information we need from an iPad or laptop at home. If a family has a question, we can answer it immediately without having to tell them that we’ll have to call them back. Having instant access to our cases has been a huge benefit.

Do you think that Passare has also benefitted the families you serve?

Definitely. The Collaboration Center in particular has been a great asset. With obituaries, we used to do everything through email, and there were a few times when the family emailed it around to each other and sent us what they thought was the final draft. Well, come to find out, someone’s changes didn’t make it to the newspaper, which led to some hurt feelings. But with the Collaboration Center, everyone is on the same page, literally. They can all work on the same obituary from the comfort of home, which gives us peace of mind knowing we are sending the right one to the newspaper. We’ve had many families express just how nice it was to be able to do it that way.

How have your employees responded to switching to Passare?

We have all embraced it and found it easy to use. Thankfully, since we are coming from a pen and paper method, we didn’t have anything to unlearn. Every day, we are learning something new and finding new ways to save time and increase efficiency.

How would you rate your customer service experience with Passare?

It’s been great. We have an account success manager assigned to us who helps us with any questions we may have. And a quick shout out to Julie! She did a great job getting us to where we are.

Would you recommend Passare to other funeral directors?

Absolutely. In fact, I have already recommended it. A funeral director friend of mine is coming on board this week. I told him that one of the best things about Passare is that they send out constant updates without requiring that you purchase new versions of the software. They are continuously improving the system and have shown a willingness to listen to me and my staff about tweaks to make our lives easier.

How is Passare preparing you for the future of the funeral industry?

Ten or twenty years ago, I would have felt uncomfortable taking a family into an arrangement room and sitting down in front of a keyboard with flat screens on the wall. But today, I find that families are almost expecting that. They feel comfortable with the fact that we are progressive enough to have a digital records system. They see that we are embracing technology, and they like that they can connect with us digitally.

As our society becomes more mobile, families are spread out. This system allows us to connect with families no matter where they are, as long as they have an Internet connection. They can interact with us just like they can with any other businesses and be a part of the planning process, even though they may live far away. That’s not something we could have done five years ago, and it is an incredible service to be able to offer to families. I believe it will help us offer a higher standard of service to families in the coming years.