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Spotlight: Naugle Funeral and Cremation Service

April 6, 2020

Feature image of Spotlight: Naugle Funeral and Cremation Service

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Quakertown, PA

Call Volume: 215 Calls/Year

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Fed up with old software that didn’t offer regular updates or integrations with accounting software that worked, Naugle Funeral and Cremation Service began looking for a new solution. Matthew Grieco, owner and celebrant, and his team knew they’d found what they were looking for when they saw Passare’s cloud-based system, functional accounting export, and regular product updates along with outstanding customer support.

What is the biggest benefit of using Passare for you and your staff?
I would say that the web-based aspect of Passare, obviously, is the best part. We can access it anywhere, at any moment. A close second would be the customer support. The customer service team is very responsive, oftentimes simply by sending a quick email, so I’ve really appreciated that. Also, we’re about to launch an active preneed program. We expect to use the data from Passare to effectively grow the program, and since I know there’s constant customer service support, I know we’ll have a great ally during the implementation phase.

Is there another feature that you’re really loving about Passare right now?
Yes, I’m really loving the accounting feature and how it communicates with QuickBooks. The former software we used did not sync well with any kind of accounting platform. We battled for years with software companies to prove to us that they could have their software link with QuickBooks or Peachtree. None of them were able to ever come to something effective. This is the first time that our full-time bookkeeper and I have seen the accounting link work effectively.

Have your employees or colleagues found Passare easy to use?
Change is slow, especially in funeral homes, but we have all agreed that we need to use Passare effectively, and we are now starting to see the efficiency of it. As a team we are getting better at implementing the many features. We plan to integrate as many new features as we see fit, as we’re merely touching the surface of what’s possible.

Have you been able to see your team’s collaboration improve?
Oh, absolutely. The biggest issue with funeral homes is the constant balance of all the paperwork behind the scenes and our professionalism for our clients and their needs. There have been times where we’ve worked with other software, including one I was using for 10-15 years, and whenever we wanted to tweak things or if things weren’t working right, it was a very long process to get things fixed. There was also confusion with our staff and the software team about what we were asking for in terms of a solution. We realized that if we were constantly retyping data and couldn’t get our questions answered, then we couldn’t be as present for our families, which simply was not an option. With Passare, we’ve noticed team collaboration becoming more efficient, and the staff is open to using the software to improve this.

How would you rate the customer service you’ve received with Passare?
A solid 10 out of 10. Drawing upon my experience with other vendors, Passare’s support team hits it out of the park. They get back to us quickly with quality answers to questions. There’s no comparison.

What would you tell another funeral director about Passare?
If they haven’t had good customer support with other software companies, this is the number one feature and benefit with Passare. There’s the cloud-based feature, the fact that there’s integration with different types of software, like accounting, and the fact that it’s an evolving product. Passare continues to want to make these features better, and they have an edge over other software companies. The software is innovative, and the Passare team continues to want to develop it. All the right factors are in place.