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Spotlight: Pagenkopf Funeral Home

August 19, 2020

Feature image of Spotlight: Pagenkopf Funeral Home

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Location: Oconomowoc, WI

Call Volume: 230 Calls/Year

For more information, contact Cindy Pagenkopf at

Cindy Pagenkopf, Owner and Licensed Preneed Specialist, had a goal to connect her preneed and at-need sides of Pagenkopf Funeral Home. When she heard about Passare and the software integrations that were possible, she knew she had to schedule a demo. After a year and a half with the platform, Cindy and the Pagenkopf Funeral Home staff are not looking back!

What has been the biggest benefit of using Passare?

We’ve been with Passare since the beginning of 2019, and the ease of use and accessibility have been the best benefits. Converting was a bit of a challenge, but the whole Passare team was amazing throughout the entire process. Since we are able to use it anywhere, our staff can look at cases and files off-site at any time of the day. Passare has a nice flow from page to page, and our families appreciate how easily they can follow along as we work with them on screen. Our staff is so grateful that Passare allows us to work with our families seamlessly and collaboratively.

Have you found that Passare successfully integrates with other software in your funeral home?

Definitely! We wanted software that would connect the preneed side to the at-need side as well as communicate with our accounting software and other services. When we saw how Passare seamlessly integrated with FDLIC, Directors Business Solutions, DIGicon and other platforms, it truly was a game changer. Those integrations made me realize that these services can all be connected, save us time, save us money, and be easy enough for our staff and families to use. When we switched, we saved about 50% of man hours in data entry with those integrations alone.

Have you seen Passare grow and adapt since you’ve implemented it?

Yes, Passare is great at listening to their customers’ ideas and implementing them. Passare is always willing to make things easier for us and show us quicker ways to do things. By constantly adapting, Passare is on the cutting edge of technology in the funeral industry.

Has Passare helped you gain a deeper insight into your overall business?

Absolutely. The funeral industry is a completely different world, and Passare understands the business as a company that works with funeral homes. The Passare team works hard to help us streamline our processes and create less data entry, and with Passare, we’re much more aware of our bottom line and our numbers on a monthly basis. Since Passare integrates with DBS, our accounting service, we see our numbers every 30 days. Our previous system had little knowledge of the funeral industry and were not able to show us our numbers or breakdowns of our average profit per call. They just didn’t get the business. With Passare, my husband and I have a much deeper insight into our business, which has made us better business owners.

Has Passare helped you increase your funeral home’s efficiency or helped you save time?

Yes, it has, and I am very grateful for that. We are family owned and operated, and Passare has made our daily operations much more efficient. Passare has helped us save time by communicating with our website host, Frazer, and our answering service, ASD, which integrates with the touch of a button. Funeral directors must do countless tasks in the process of caring for a family, and with Passare’s integrations and automatic updates, our staff can focus more on serving our families.

How do you feel about Passare’s cloud-based software? Have you found it to be convenient and helpful?

Absolutely. We have four directors on staff, and the cloud-based aspect has been immensely helpful, especially during this pandemic. Passare has allowed our staff the ability to open the file for someone who has passed at any time. From anywhere, our staff can access Passare on their phones to view files and see the types of services the family has planned. Our staff doesn’t have to be at the office to get all the details of a case or to be able to communicate with the family.

How would you rate the customer service you’ve received with Passare?

A 100! It’s wonderful, and I am so thankful for the supportive staff who have been there for us. We are in the customer service business ourselves; we take care of people, and we are treated like family. I can call the customer support team with the most minor question, and someone is always willing to help me without making me feel like I’ve inconvenienced them. Even when we have questions with our other integrated platforms like FDLIC or DBS, everybody there truly cares and loves to help people in any way possible.

What would you tell another funeral professional about Passare?

Without hesitation, I would tell them to at least give it a test drive, look at the flow process, and request a demo. I would highly recommend it. I wish I would have switched to Passare sooner because it’s well worth the effort in the long run. There’s work that goes into establishing it and getting all the integrations set up, but I would not change it for the world. If any funeral professional wants to talk or ask about my experience, reach out to me. I do truly love the product, and like I said, it’s a game changer for this industry.


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