Collaborate with your...


Never miss a beat when serving families as a team


Connect and communicate with families in real time


Manage your business with real-time reports and insights


Connect with partners to enhance your efficiency


Collaborate with other funeral homes and your Passare team

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Collaborate with your Team

Keep everyone on your team organized and on the same page with 24/7 access to case files, anytime, anywhere, using any Internet-connected device.

It's All in the Cloud

Unlimited Possibilities
Extremely Secure
Incredibly Reliable
Single-Entry System

Unlimited Possibilities

Because Passare does not tie you down to an antiquated install-based system, you can access all your information from anywhere at any time. Plus, your subscription comes with unlimited users, unlimited devices, and unlimited updates at no additional cost.

Extremely Secure

Passare keeps your data safe and secure using the same encrypted cloud service that NASA and the CIA do. Your subscription to Passare also includes automatic hourly data backup for your convenience and peace of mind.

Incredibly Reliable

With multiple backups to our servers, Passare is up and running when you are, 99.999% of the time. We will inform you of any upcoming updates that will take place to ensure minimal interruption to service for you and the families you serve.

Single-Entry System

Passare saves you time on each arrangement using a single-entry system. Whether your families or your staff enter information, that data is immediately available to populate forms and create memorial stationery, reports, accounting exports, receipts, and much more.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Case Management

Passare offers so much more than your standard funeral home administration software. With access to all your cases, anytime, anywhere, using any device, it’s easier than ever to get some work done! Collaborate with other funeral directors, check on cases from home or your kids’ ball game, and move at the speed of the families you serve.

Text Alerts & Reminders

You will never miss a beat with Passare’s alerts and reminders. You can set alerts to be notified of family activity in the Collaboration Center and set reminders for tasks for yourself and your team members. Notifications can be set up to go out via text, email, bubble alert in the system, or all three!


In each case, you can quickly and easily view all notes related to the case, helping you collaborate internally with other funeral directors and keep track of updates on a case. Notes are tagged by author, time, and source within the case for an at-a-glance view of recent activity.

“Passare allows the consumer to have more control of the process and to arrive at the arrangement conference empowered and better informed, which builds trust and ultimately builds a better customer experience.”

Gary Freytag

President/CEO of Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

Cincinnati, OH


Checklists are an integral part of taking care of any family, helping your staff ensure that all necessary tasks are completed.

Passare takes checklists to a new level by offering fully customizable checklist building tools so you can create checklists for anyone and anything…funeral directors, families, case type (i.e. burial or cremation), death certificate tracking, and much more.


Printing forms has never been easier with Passare’s one-click system. Passare uses all the information in a case to automatically populate forms with the click of a button, saving your staff valuable time. Plus, each form is easily customizable. Use Passare’s extensive library of forms or create your own forms using Microsoft Word.

Memorial Printing

Memorial printing is easy as pie with Passare. Complete basic printing for memorial stationery including folders, bookmarks, prayer cards, and more with just the click of a button. Passare imports all the details for you…just click download and print!