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Passare Advanced User Training


Join us for our upcoming FREE workshop that will delve into how you can increase your efficiency and get the most out of Passare’s latest features.

Philadelphia, PA

September 4-5

Answering Service for Directors
108 Chesley Dr.
Media, PA 19063
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Lunch and snacks provided

Dinner provided on Wednesday evening, September 4th


Business Casual

Presenting our knowledgeable speakers.

Learn how to increase efficiency and save time using Passare’s powerful new features.

Jay Thomas

Chief Executive Officer


Kelsey Swearingen

Director of Operations & Support


Passare Advanced User Training

Want to learn how implement some of Passare’s newest features? This course will take you beyond basic case management to help you gain new efficiencies, implement processes that will save you time, and start getting the most out of your Passare subscription.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Gain clear insights into your business using Dashboards to filter and monitor activities
  • Help your team save time with internal collaboration features
  • Get instant access to stats by generating your own custom reports
  • Enhance security and transparency with Passare’s mobile barcode scanning app
  • And more!

Unable to Attend?

Schedule a webinar with us to learn more! We will be happy to walk you through some of Passare's latest features so you can start increasing your efficiency and gaining deeper insights into your business.