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Passare helps funeral professionals and families connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, using any device.

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Why Choose Passare?

The needs of families are evolving.

The preferences, buying habits, and desires of families have changed. Now, it’s time for us in the funeral profession to adapt to the needs of the new funeral consumer. In fact, one of the largest private funeral service studies ever conducted revealed that:


of Americans are dissatisfied with how the funeral industry interacts with them.


of Americans are dissatisfied with funeral service as a whole.

Why Passare?

An Analysis of Today’s Funeral Market

Discover more about today's funeral market in this ebook that covers some of the factors contributing to the changing funeral consumer.


Funeral Homes and Technology Use

A recent nationwide study of funeral homes and their current and future technology needs yielded very interesting results.


Collaborating with Hospice

Click on the link below to access Passare's latest webinar hosted by Kates-Boylston: Collaborating with Hospice.

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