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Passare works with dozens of the top funeral apps to make your team more productive – and save you a whole lot of headaches.

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Sync obituaries to your website

Edits made to an obituary or event can be automatically synced to your funeral homes website.​​ Website integrations with CFS, MKJ, and more…​


Put your financial reports on autopilot

We partner with the biggest tax groups to send the data they need from Passare automatically. ​​Financial integrations with Federated, PFA, and more…​


Make memorial printing a breeze

Connect Passare to your memorial printing program of choice and send case details automatically.​​Print integrations with Make it! Personal, Director’s Print Suite, and more…​

Get your productivity back

See our list of 30+ integrations and learn how you can use Passare for an even better experience.

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"The fact that Passare integrates with website and answering service companies saves us time and makes things easier."

Matt Bailey

B.C. Bailey Funeral Home


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