hospice Case Study Ebook
Hospice Case Study eBook

With nearly half of deaths occurring under hospice care, it is our job in the funeral profession to learn better ways of collaborating with hospice teams to provide a comprehensive, supportive system of care for families at the end of life.

Collaborate Online with Your Families eBook

Your families have changed. Families today have shifted how they prefer to communicate and interact with businesses, and the funeral industry is not alone in this shift. If we want to keep up with the changing needs of funeral consumers, we have to adapt.

Implementation Playbook

We know change is hard. That is why Passare goes above and beyond to make it as easy as possible to switch to a new software solution. Check out our Implementation Playbook to see how our clients successfully transition to Passare, step by step. 

new funeral consumer ebook cover
An Analysis of Today's Funeral Market eBook

Discover more about today's funeral market in this ebook that covers some of the factors contributing to the changing funeral consumer.

funeral homes and technology ebook cover
Funeral Homes and Technology Use eBook

A 2016 Nationwide study of Funeral Homes and their current and future technology needs yielded very interesting results.


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Bryan DeLeon

Owner and Funeral Director - Angel Funeral Home , Austin, TX

“The best thing about Passare is that it’s so easy. When I’m visiting with a family, I put all the information in, and then I just push buttons. There’s a PDF or a Word document that pops up and has everything looking professional and perfect, and I just print that out and present it to the family. It makes things so much easier. It also works with my Mac, so I’m not tied down to a PC like with other funeral home software packages. We are all Mac here at the funeral home and at my house. If somebody has a question, I can look it right up. So Passare just makes things easier and it makes us more productive. Here’s how I’d explain Passare to people who haven’t used it: it’s a massive tool that you can use to make yourself more productive and professional and to have access to this information on multiple platforms. You don’t have to be tied down to the funeral home, you can be anywhere, you can be drinking a Mai Tai on the beach and think, “Let me check in on this.” And if you’re an independent funeral director, that’s a huge issue. You want access to your information immediately. Also, I think that we are in an environment where the consumer is very tech-savvy, they’re very comfortable with a computer, and I would not even hesitate to say that they would prefer it because it just makes things more efficient for them.”


Matt Bailey

President and Funeral Director - B.C. Bailey Funeral Home , Wallingford, CT

“I stick with Passare because they never stop improving or innovating. You are not just investing in a product, you are buying into a process. The team is responsive and continually works to make things better. The best funeral directors understand we need to be responsive and progressive. Passare helps this happen.”


Leslie Branon

Owner and Manager - Branon Funeral Home , Lamessa, TX

“It’s strange because a lot of people, especially older generations, wouldn’t think that a little West Texas funeral home could utilize technology like Passare, but it has been very successful, even in our region that is very traditional. The families, they love it. They’re using it and it’s been very well received by the families we serve. They feel like it’s more hands-on for them, and keeps them more involved in the planning process. When I check in on Passare in the morning, I usually see about 25 or more new notifications that show families have been working on the obituary or on the biographical information. They are able to all work on the obituary from one place and come to an agreement about what it should say rather than sending emails back and forth. They don’t feel like they are put on the spot at the funeral home where they have to make all these decisions right at this moment. They have more flexibility to discuss their options, and it takes the pressure off so they feel more comfortable. I think Passare gives us an edge over funeral homes that haven’t even heard of this technology or thought of giving it a try.”


Jayme Broussard Toeppich

General Manager - Broussard’s , Beaumont, TX

“I would say that the biggest benefit of using Passare has been the immediate review of the contracts that are written in our company and just seeing what business we are doing on a daily basis. We have 6 different locations and that’s something that we just didn’t have access to before, so I love that at the end of the day, I can sign in and see what business we bring for the day. The biggest difference with Passare is the fact that this is a web-based subscription. I can access this from any device or any computer as long as I’m connected to the Internet, whereas in the past I would have to be logged into a specific computer that had a license on it for the program we used. If I’m traveling, any day, at any given time, I have access to our information, so that’s been the biggest plus to me. Passare has also increased our awareness and our communication amongst our locations. In the past, there may have been some disconnect about the kind of business that we were doing, and it took a long time to get accurate reporting. Passare has helped our reporting tremendously. Now we have reports with just the click of a button. It’s more real-time reporting. Our staff has also been 100% supportive and complimentary of Passare. This has been such an incredible experience for us. It helps that we have a good team in place, and I’m so proud of them for being accepting of the idea to switch platforms and programs. For those who are on the fence about using Passare, I just can’t say enough good things about this program. Even some of our senior staff who have been with us for more than 20 years have found it to be eye-opening. Everyone that is using it in our company has been so impressed and I think that speaks highly of it because it’s not something that’s just attractive to millennials. It’s beneficial to anyone.”


Bob Solich

Funeral Director and Manager - Busch Funeral & Crematory Services , Cleveland, OH

“Passare is very easy to use. I like that it is web-based and we can access our information from anywhere. That is huge. If we get a call from a family, I know that any of our funeral directors can pull up Passare on their phone and have an answer right away. It is so much better and so much easier for us, especially with multiple locations and funeral directors. Everything is all in one place. We can see all the documents and notes for each family, which really helps us work together as a team. ”

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Chase Milburn

Funeral Director - Campbell-Plumly-Milburn Funeral Home , Barnesville, OH

"When I sit down with a family with my computer, I type their information in once, and I know it’s right because I have the family proof it. From there, I know that the books are going to be correct, the obituary is going to be correct, everything will be correct going forward. It makes things a lot easier. It’s quicker and more effective. I also get to spend more time at home. The ease of use of this system is what made the transition easy. Having a Collaboration Center and a system that can print out any form you could need – it’s worth it."


Marcus Crawford

Owner and Funeral Director - Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation Service , Edmond, OK

“The biggest benefit [of Passare] for us is its simplicity. From a multi-location standpoint, I can see all of my branches at one time without logging out and logging back in. You can see everything that is happening all from one place, and you can share that information with other funeral directors, which has helped us become more efficient. After our first training session, our most senior funeral director came up to me and said he couldn’t tell me how excited he was about using this new system. He had been hesitant at first, but after training, he could see how easy it would be to use.”


C.R. Lyons

Funeral Director/Owner - C.R. Lyons & Sons Funeral Directors , Danvers, Massachusetts

“I moved to Passare because we were looking for a software that was web-based, that was user-friendly, and that would benefit in the long run both us and the consumer. It’s been great. It’s been able to streamline a lot of the things that were taking a lot of staff time, and Passare has been able to condense that so we have more time to spend with families planning meaningful services…You should definitely look at Passare. It’s worked great for us.”

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Lauren LeRoy

Managing Funeral Director - Daniel R. Smolarek Funeral Home , Buffalo and Cheektowaga, New York

"I love Passare. The ease of use is amazing; it just makes our day-to-day lives so much easier. The fact that we can access it anywhere, from our phones, our home, our tablets, is just amazing. Obviously, as a funeral director, I’m not always in the office. But no matter where I am, I can always access any information that I need.

You take five to ten minutes to put in all of the service information, and then all of a sudden on the dashboard you have your day right there. It tells you what arrangement conference you have, what funeral service you have, and if you are going to the crematory. So, you just take a few extra minutes to do the extra steps and put in as much information as you can, and then you go to that dashboard and you know exactly what your day is laid out to be.

Passare is just awesome. This is the best management program that I’ve worked with by far. I’m so happy that our funeral
home is using Passare because it just makes my job that much easier."

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Larry Landreth

Funeral Director in Charge,  La Grange, TX

“I had funeral not long ago, and a family put in all the information on Passare on Friday night. I came into work on Saturday morning and had everything ready for them to sign by 10:00. Once they came in to sign, I was done. The more comfortable the family is [with Passare], the easier it makes my job. As far as the funeral paperwork, the forms are right there. Once the family puts in that information the first time, all I have to do is click the Social Security form or click the Death Certificate Information Form and print it, and it’s all right there ready for the family to come in. There’s really not a lot of work left for me to do!

Instead of gathering all that information, we are talking about videos and programs and other things. Normally, if they have already been here an hour or so, they’re tired and ready to go. They’re done talking. Now, we’re not spending our time writing obituaries and finding out what Grandmother’s maiden name was. That is easier for them to do at home around the kitchen table than it is around our arrangement table. So when they are here making arrangements, they are thinking about what pictures they want to put in the video, what songs they want in the video, what pictures they want in the register book, things like that. With a lot of those other things out of the way, they have time to make it much more personal.”

John Urban

Funeral Director, La Grange, TX

“The families who use Passare versus the families who don’t–the biggest difference is that you can really be there with the family…not with a lot of forms you have to fill out. When everything has already been filled out on Passare, it just makes that arrangement meeting more personal. You can go on ahead of time and read the obituary and you get a story about the person who has passed before the family comes into your office. When they don’t fill anything out, all you have is a name. If you know a little more about their loved one, you can say, “Oh, I see your father was in the military. Which war was he in?” You can ask more personal questions. It’s made such a difference.”


Roman Coale

Owner and Funeral Director - Framptom Funeral Home , Federalsburg, MD

“When I initially started talking to some of [Passare’s] clients who had the platform up and running and were successful with it, one of them said, “Roman, this will make a good funeral director great.” Those were his words to me, and they still ring true because I see what he’s saying. We really are tickled pink with it because we are becoming more efficient. We now have more time to focus on the family than we did when we were pushing paper. We also love that it’s web-based. That was a big selling feature for me. Other software platforms use install-based software on each machine, so I really loved that this was web-based because I could log in anywhere, and it was like I was sitting at my desk. We have two facilities, but we’re all connected with one system. The moment we get a call, everybody knows who’s doing what. It’s really made us a lot more conscientious about serving our families in a better way with more efficiency than ever before. You click this and you have credit cards, and you click this and you have your forms, you click this and you have folders, and you click this and you have a death certificate, and you click this you have a bill. We should have done this years ago.”


Duffy Swan

Chairman - French Funerals - Cremations , Albuquerque, NM

“What we’ve seen at French, whether it’s our newest directors or our seasoned veterans, the efficiencies that come through the use of the Passare platform have really helped us give the funeral director more time for how they interact with the family. Almost all of the directors from the beginning said this is a really clean and logical, linear system, it’s very easy to use, it makes sense, and at the same time now that we have the Collaboration Center, we are saving about 30 to 45 minutes per arrangement with those families that use our Collaboration Center link, and we are finding that those families have a heightened sense of satisfaction.

We had one family where the father died here and all the kids were scattered around the country. They did virtually everything using the Collaboration Center so that when they came in for the arrangement, it took them a total of 23 minutes. The lead family member said, “This was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in doing funerals.” They said it was completely different than three years ago when her mother died. And so we are seeing that kind of benefit to the director and to the family with the level of service we can now provide to people. What excites me about Passare is that the familiarity that people have in the way they use technology in other dimensions is now allowing them to find more familiarity in this, “foreign” realm of funeral when they enter. It doesn’t have to be quite so foreign, quite so sterile, quite so distant and removed because they don’t have the experience. And I think because Passare allows them to collaborate and engage family members and friends more fully, both before and during and after the event, I think it gives them then a greater familiarity and perhaps takes down some of the anxiety factor that we see with most people at funerals.”


Matt Smith

Owner and Funeral Director - Fry-Smith Funeral Home , Tuscola, TX

“I always like to gauge how something new is working. With Passare being new to my funeral home, I wanted to find out how it was working. One morning, I discovered through the Collaboration Center just how well it was working when I found 59 collaborations on one service! That tells me that families are coming to the website, taking interest, putting information in about their loved one, and finding value in the Passare product.

On the administration side, one of the hardest things we were facing as a funeral home was double entry of information. As I was looking for a management program, I wanted to find one that could take all the information of the deceased, put it in one central area, and allow us to access it from almost anywhere. Passare has actually done that for us. I now have access to the information I need when I need it. It’s always at my fingertips.”


Kent Wilson

Manager/Funeral Director & Embalmer - Groesbeck Funeral Home , Groesbeck, Texas

“Personally, I wanted to see the program, play with it, and get my hands on it before deciding. But after speaking to several funeral homes and utilizing the program, I knew it was something that I needed to investigate more. The sheer enthusiasm and ‘man, you got to try it,’ attitude that was evident in the people that I spoke with pretty much sold it to me. They were enthusiastic and had a lot of confidence in it.

I would say that if you are even the least bit interested, then take a look at it. Come see me or call me. I’d be happy to explain it. I now spend more time with my family as opposed to being behind a computer doing all the paperwork and preparation for their funeral. I’d say it’s exactly what I needed and I think that anyone who gave it a shot would agree that it’s a real winner in the funeral profession. The customer service is superior, and the folks at Passare actually care about what you have to say. With Passare, you get an amazing program.”


Jason Harrell

Funeral Director/Co-Partner - Harrell Funeral Homes , Austin, Kyle, and Dripping Springs, Texas

"I think that in today’s world, it’s almost expected that a company has a way to communicate and collaborate online. We all do tasks online – banking, shopping, whatever – and I think it’s valuable to have that option available to families who want to work together online to coordinate the funeral planning process. In our case, the families who have used the Collaboration Center do appreciate the access and convenience of it.

Partnering with Passare is vital to the success of your business and has proven advantageous for mine. The ability to access our information from anywhere, to consolidate information into one program, and to view all locations at once has been a valuable contribution to my business. I know you will find the partnership valuable to yours as well."

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Tim Hoff

Owner and Funeral Director - Hoff Funeral Home, Winona, MN

“As we continue to leverage more and more of Passare’s capabilities, we have realized that certain tools, such as the Passare notes and checklists, help us work better together on cases. We’re really looking forward to seeing more of how these administrative tools in Passare can help us enhance our internal collaboration and help us increase our efficiency as a team.”

Tyler Hoff

Funeral Director, Winona, MN

“The families who use Passare versus the families who don’t–the biggest difference is that you can really be there with the family…not with a lot of forms you have to fill out. When everything has already been filled out on Passare, it just makes that arrangement meeting more personal. You can go on ahead of time and read the obituary and you get a story about the person who has passed before the family comes into your office. When they don’t fill anything out, all you have is a name. If you know a little more about their loved one, you can say, “Oh, I see your father was in the military. Which war was he in?” You can ask more personal questions. It’s made such a difference.”

Ashley Hoff

Funeral Director, Winona, MN

“The families who use Passare versus the families who don’t–the biggest difference is that you can really be there with the family…not with a lot of forms you have to fill out. When everything has already been filled out on Passare, it just makes that arrangement meeting more personal. You can go on ahead of time and read the obituary and you get a story about the person who has passed before the family comes into your office. When they don’t fill anything out, all you have is a name. If you know a little more about their loved one, you can say, “Oh, I see your father was in the military. Which war was he in?” You can ask more personal questions. It’s made such a difference.”


Mark Krause

President - Krause Funeral Homes and Cremation Services , Milwaukee, WI

“I think Passare is a game-changer in the funeral profession, and the things that Passare brings to the table are so unique and so different that I think over time it’s going to really be the way funeral service is handled. And the unique marketing advantage I see as a funeral home owner is the Collaborative Center. I think without a doubt, that’s the piece that allows us to help families get at ease with the process, to talk about one of the most difficult things in their life in a way that they are most comfortable. And what we’re hearing from families already – they are enjoying the fact that they can participate using the Collaboration Center. They are enjoying the fact that they can go in and Passare will give them that platform so that they can create that experience that has more value and meaning for them. And it isn’t how I think it should be, it’s how they think it should be. It’s helping the funeral home facilitate that experience.”


Michael Soper

Owner, Houston, TX

“Passare is very user-friendly. Funeral directors who weren’t tech savvy have picked it up very quickly across our organization. We’ve gone from manual contracts to being able to print clean, crisp and professional contracts for our families. Plus, we have real-time sales data that integrates with other Legacy systems. As a business owner, that’s pretty cool. I think it’s also worth mentioning that all of us funeral homes that are using it are essentially collaborating with each other so that we all end up with a better product. I might make some suggestions and then someone on the other side of the country might make some suggestions, and the Passare team filters through those to create the best product for everyone. And then it gives smaller operators the ability to have a top-notch system that’s being perfected by people from all over the country. So if you take a guy doing a hundred or two hundred calls, he’s going to buy something off the shelf. This gives him access to the same type of system that a Fortune 500 company would have, if not better, without the bureaucracy of it.”

Brian Nichols

Legacy Funeral Group, Houston, TX

“Being able to print contracts for a family rather than handing them a handwritten contract is just a huge step forward. The contracts are legible, and the math is correct. It’s clean, it’s crisp, and it’s very professional. It’s not the 1940’s anymore! The other thing that I use it for with the preneed sales people—and it makes them a little more efficient—is family follow ups or aftercare. Now, instead of having to go through a filing cabinet, they can look at the at-need contracts through Passare. This is especially useful for multiple location counselors, who can be sitting in their pajamas at home before they go out and pull from three places instead of having to go drive to all the three places and go through the filing cabinet. It saves them a ton of time. And again, it’s legible, and they are not trying to make out a contract with handwriting in each location. We do it in view-only mode for the sales counselors so that they can just look at the cases for that location, but not edit any information. My ladies in Louisiana use it a lot. They used to have to drive 20 miles and then take all the time to locate and go through those files before starting to work. Now they have all that information at their fingertips.”


Ken Goins

Funeral Director - Lytle Funeral Homes & Cremation Services , Madison, Indiana

“In the last year and a half, we have acquired two other funeral homes. Going from one to three took some doing, and we needed some kind of a database that would help us to grow and get away from the local database in each computer. So, we investigated and found Passare was the cloud-based database for what we needed. We can access it from any device, which is perfect. Rather than having to go to a funeral home, go to that specific computer where that database was, and look it up, we can access it from any computer, mobile device, or anything, from anywhere in the world.”

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Kevin Marsh

General Partner - Madison Chapel Funeral Home , Madison, Alabama

“We absolutely love it [Passare]. It’s been a big time saver for us, and our families like it, so it’s been really good. I’ll be honest: I’m really picky. Sometimes I can be very difficult to please. But I cannot say one bad thing about our experience with Passare, not one. From Kelly, the sales director, to Erin, who we work with on a regular basis, the entire staff has been awesome. The best thing about using Passare has been the collaboration. It just makes things so much easier for the family and for us. It works really well.

You sometimes hear people respond to innovation by saying, ‘I can’t afford it.’ But with Passare, I think you can’t afford not to have it. Now that we have Passare, I couldn’t imagine us operating without it. It’s made that much of a difference to us. Also, I think it is very cost effective. Compared to some of the other systems that are out there, we were very impressed with the cost of Passare. We have had a lot of issues with systems in the past, and Passare has been much better.”


Marlan J. Gary

Funeral Director/Owner - Marlan J. Gary Funeral Home - The Chapel of Peace , Columbus, Ohio

"I’m not sure how anyone with multiple locations would operate their business without a product like this. Our communication is better, our efficiency is better, and because of that, we are serving our families with excellence. Passare is just what we needed.

My staff loves Passare even more than me. They value the fact that it’s web-based, and even if they are out of the office, they can check on a family’s status and know exactly what everyone else knows. It’s been beneficial to have everything in one place, which helps my staff stay informed and connected.

If you want to increase efficiency within your funeral home or communication amongst the staff and with the families, Passare is a must-have. You won’t regret making the decision to partner with Passare. I signed up and never looked back."


Tamye Martinez-Espinosa

Owner and Manager - Martinez Funeral Chapels , Tucson, AZ

“We lost my father unexpectedly, and my responsibilities increased dramatically. I implemented Passare after his passing because I wasn’t able to be in both locations at the same time. Passare has really streamlined my business and alleviated a lot of my workload. Now, I’m able to access all our files and check on payments and get updates from wherever I am. Passare has helped my chaotic life be a little more streamlined because I can access our files from anywhere. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. It’s at your fingertips. As long as you’ve got your phone, you’ve got access to your files. I really feel it’s worth every dollar spent on it. The support that you receive…If there are any questions, the support that you receive is just phenomenal. I wouldn’t hesitate to advocate for it because it is just an amazing program and has saved me so much stress and time. It was overwhelming losing my dad unexpectedly. We’ve got the two firms and it all fell on my shoulders. Because of Passare, I was able to get a grip on things and make my life a lot easier. If it wasn’t for Passare, my life would be chaos. It really, really would. I’m a huge fan of Passare. It’s been a blessing in my life.”


Tim Whiteside

Funeral Director/Co-Owner - Mason Funeral Homes & Mason-White Funeral Home , Metamora, Washington, and Germantown Hills, Illinois

"Passare has allowed me to multitask more efficiently and effectively, while at the same time, keep everything organized into priority levels. With Passare, everything from start to finish is organized. It’s also available on any device with unlimited users, so that means that everyone on our team has access to the information at any time, even from home. Plus, everyone on our staff has their own level of permissions, so they see only what they need to see. Overall, I can’t say enough about the benefits we’ve seen in our funeral homes.

I thought long and hard about using Passare. Having been in the industry for many years, I was afraid that families would not receive it well and see it as impersonal. With that being said, every family that has utilized the platform has been extremely impressed with the capability of what it offers. If you are wondering about whether to go with Passare, do it. It will save you time, make you more efficient, and your families will love it too."


Matt Myrhum

Funeral Diretor/Owner - Myrhum Patten Miller & Kietzer Funeral & Cremation Service , West Bend, Wisconsin

“The integration of getting the preneed contracts that we have to convert to at-need when somebody passes away has been seamless. We have four locations, and the ability to access the information that’s on Passare from any one of the locations at any time has [also] been a huge asset to us. I think that the advantage Passare has is that not only does it do your day-to-day paperwork, but the Collaboration Center side of it, to be able to communicate with your families, especially families that are out of town…I think it does a lot more than just a simple back-room office software program.”

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Preston Rader

Funeral Director, Longview, Texas

“Passare makes the time that we spend with families more meaningful. Since families have the chance to collaborate online before the first arrangement meeting, we have more time to focus on the celebration of life…. The family response to the Collaboration Center has been nothing but positive. It gives families more control and a great way to communicate. Some of the families that I have spoken with about Passare have mentioned that the added connection to the service itself and the ability to do it in one place are priceless.

[Passare’s] customer service is top-notch. Whenever we have a problem or a question, the support staff is always there to help. We have had a few ideas that have been implemented already and others that the Passare team is in the process of developing for us, which is amazing. I would tell other funeral professionals that this is the future of our business. Not just on the business side with the office and directors, but also in serving and communicating with the families we see every day. They will benefit from the safety of the cloud service, the ease of dealing with billing and reports, the collaboration with families, and more. It’s truly an all-in-one program.”

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Erika Rader

Community Relations Coordinator, Longview, Texas

"When I joined the staff at Rader, I started an outreach program to hospice centers. I just saw the need for it. I gave general presentations to keep those relationships strong, and I volunteered with the hospices
on events.

I started introducing the staff to the Passare program, and it just took off. They loved it. The success with the hospices has been overwhelming. I feel like Passare has opened up a whole new conversation. The hospices that I work with really love hearing about it. Before, I was covering a wide range of topics when I visited hospice centers. Now, I feel like the hospices that I have talked to want me to come back continually to talk about Passare and how we’re using it with families. It’s really exciting that they’re so excited about what a wonderful service this is for their families."


Eric Davis

Funeral Director - Riggle-Waltermann Mortuary , Richmond, Indiana

“I would say probably 90% of the time that family members accept the Collaboration Center and use it, the death certificate information is already done by the time they come in to make arrangements. A lot of times, the obituary is already most of the way written, so we can spend more time in the arrangement conference personalizing their funeral service instead of doing a Q&A trying to get all of that information that we need for death certificates. So, it’s helped us out a lot.

“We do a lot of our financials through there. All of our Statement of Goods & Services are printed through there. It’s also mobile-friendly. We put all of our prearrangements in even though they weren’t done through FDLIC, maybe it was prior that, we’ve scanned those in. So, when somebody passes away, at home, I can search them through Passare and find out if they have a prearrangement or not before I even go to the house or nursing home, so I can know going in ahead of time whether they have a prearrangement. I do that on my phone.”

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David Speaks

Vice President and Funeral Director - Speaks Family Legacy Chapels , Independence, MO

“Speaks Family Legacy Chapels has been using the Passare management software system for quite some time. Being that many of the creators of Passare were funeral director and family focused, the finished product has been a very relevant tool that our funeral directors find helpful before, during and after our meetings with families.

Probably the most innovative feature of Passare has been the Collaboration Center. With a simple email to the family, prior to an arrangement, our families are given access to be able to start the process. With this unique tool they can collaborate with each other and with our funeral directors before they even come in for arrangements. They can enter death certificate information, obituary details, service preferences, and so much more. This feature has helped people feel more involved in the process, and allowed our funeral directors to focus more on forming strong relationships with our clients during the arrangement conference.

Finally, the Passare team has always listened to our feedback and requests if we wanted something changed. Because one size does not fit all, they have been able to add specific forms, state documents and other personalization to help our firm. This has helped our team of funeral directors be more efficient in the daily performance of their duties.”


Gary Freytag

President/CEO - Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum , Cincinnati, OH

“We’ve personally seen Passare enhance the levels of service that funeral directors are able to provide. With any funeral service, especially one that has not been preplanned, there’s a tremendous amount of information that has to be captured, and some of it frankly is pretty mundane. Allowing some of this information to be transferred at the convenience of the family allows the funeral director, once they get with the family, to spend the time they need better understanding the family’s needs. And that ultimately leads to better services, higher customer satisfaction, also more efficiency in the process. The needs and expectations of funeral consumers have really dramatically changed over the past decade or so. The thing about Passare that I think drew me and our company and I think a lot of other leading funeral homes in the United States is that the consumer purchasing experience is moving online in market after market after market. It’s not universal, but more and more, the transactions are taking place online, and consumers have really come to expect and embrace the convenience and transparency that they have become accustomed to in other transactions. Passare allows the consumer to have more control of the process and to arrive at the arrangement conference empowered and better informed, which builds trust and ultimately builds a better customer experience.”


Jacob Whitrock

Owner and Funeral Director - Stewart Baxter Funeral & Memorial Services , Cedar Rapids, IA

“One of the things l like most about Passare is that it is not a stagnant product. So many times in the funeral business, we are sold a product, and then several months later, we are told that if we want the new upgrade, there will be an additional charge. With Passare, the platform is continually being updated and those updates are automatic at no extra charge, and the updates are coming from other funeral directors who are actually using the system.

For most funeral homes, they have always been a little nervous about technology, especially in the arrangement conference. Some people might think that a product like this is trying to replace them, but I’ve found that it only enhances what we do. One of the biggest selling points to me with this technology was that Passare came from funeral home owners and directors. So many times in this profession, we are sold things from people outside of the funeral business who don’t understand what we do or what we need, and their products have not been very useful. That is why I think Passare is so successful. It’s been developed by people who understand the funeral business and most of the updates and changes that are being implemented are coming from funeral directors who are using the system.”


Gerry Lynch

Co-Owner/Funeral Director - Whitcomb-Lynch Funeral Home & Cremation Services , Janesville, Wisconsin

“Passare has a lot to offer. As my business grows, they are growing with us. It’s in the technology–in it’s progression–because our consumers are now the 20, 30, and 40-year-olds that grew up on iPhones, iPads, computers. Me? No, I did not. I had to learn it, but those are the consumers. And that’s were Passare will advance to. And that’s what they are doing, even with the Collaboration Center. I really think it’s a wonderful program for the future. They are ahead of the curve. You can always go out and get a template, but a template doesn’t make you grow. A template keeps you stagnant. If you can get something that will customize to what you want, Passare’s where it’s at.”

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Ben Zapata

Funeral Director/Owner - Zapata Funeral Homes & Guajardo Funeral Chapels , Spur, Matador, Paducah, and Lubbock, Texas

"The biggest benefit [of Passare] is being able to knock out a contract in about three minutes. I can go into the family session, visit with them and have them select what they want, enter their information, and come back within a few minutes. All I do is hit two or three buttons because we have packages set up. I add in cash advances, print it off, and they leave with a contract. Before I had Passare, I would have to handwrite my contracts, and that just leaves the door open for human error. But with Passare, when I hit Package A, everything that is on Package A is going to come out on the contract just as it should be, and I can easily customize the package if a family wants to make any changes. It’s very simple. If I can do it, anybody can! I also like that it’s available from anywhere. I can be at my kitchen table or watching a football game and pull up Passare so I can see the same thing as my employees if any questions come up. As a training tool, it’s amazing. You can train new staff without even being there. I can even help employees while traveling and see exactly what they want me to see if they have a question. Passare is perfect for that."

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