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Want to connect and communicate better with the changing funeral consumer?

We’ve got you covered with insights from this brand-new study we conducted with Funeral Directors Life and McKee Wallwork + Co.


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It starts with the right mindset

Your business' future shouldn't be the elephant in the room. Start making changes today and push your business forward by creating new ways to connect with families.

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Collaborate Online with Your Families eBook

Your families have changed. Families today have shifted how they prefer to communicate and interact with businesses, and the funeral industry is not alone in this shift. If we want to keep up with the changing needs of funeral consumers, we have to adapt.

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We know change is hard.

That is why Passare goes above and beyond to make it as easy as possible to switch to a new software solution. Check out our Implementation Playbook to see how our clients successfully transition to Passare, step by step. 

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hospice Case Study Ebook

Hospice Case Study eBook

With nearly half of deaths occurring under hospice care, it is our job in the funeral profession to learn better ways of collaborating with hospice teams to provide a comprehensive, supportive system of care for families at the end of life.

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Funeral Homes and Technology Use

A 2016 Nationwide study of Funeral Homes and their current and future technology needs yielded very interesting results.

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Elevate Learning with Passare

Passare is partnering with mortuary schools across the nation to prepare future funeral directors to serve families using the most advanced funeral home management software available on the market. Download this eBook to learn more!

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