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Why Passare?

Your families have changed. Software alone won’t solve this problem. An entirely new way of thinking is needed.


Your families have changed

The last few years have been a revelation for families and communities about the value of funerals. There were too many stories of families who couldn’t say goodbye or have a funeral the way they intended to. It’s clear this is not how it’s supposed to be.

We admire the response of funeral homes across the country to serve families during this crisis. But it also exposed something else: many funeral homes were not ready to meet the “digital needs” of families. A lack of technology, tools, and knowledge kept many funeral homes from giving families the experiences they wanted. 

Software alone won’t solve this problem. An entirely new way of thinking is needed. ​


We need innovators. Those willing to change their mindset and their business to meet the needs of the future generation. It’s not easy. If it was there wouldn’t be so many former innovators who are at best idle participants and, at worse, ignorant of the needs of today’s digital families. 

That’s why we built Passare

We started as a way to digitally manage your cases. Since then, we’ve transformed into an all-in-one solution to help you manage your business AND connect with more families where they are, giving you the time and space to innovate and meet their needs.

If you’re an innovative funeral home (or want to become one) and want to serve the next generation, then Passare is for you. I’m excited for you to give us a try.