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About Us

Passare is helping funeral professionals reimagine the funeral experience.

Company History


18 of the largest independent funeral home owners in the nation commissioned a landmark funeral service study conducted by McKee, Wallwork & Co.


Passare was established as a result of the study’s findings in order to meet the changing needs and preferences of today’s funeral consumers.


As a tech start-up, Passare developed a robust educational consumer website along with a unique cloud-based platform for funeral professionals and families alike.


Passare launched the funeral industry’s only collaboration platform to help simplify the funeral planning process.


Passare was acquired by Directors Investment Group, and under new management, the company grew its customer base by over 300% in 9 months.


The focus of Passare became “continuous improvement.” Based on customer feedback, Passare produced regular updates to the system approximately every 3 weeks.


Passare integrates with top funeral industry vendors and joins Selected Independent Funeral Homes' Preferred Partner program!


Passare releases the next generation of the Family Collaboration Center along with several new features to help funeral directors save time and enhance efficiency.


Passare grows to serve 125k+ at-need cases per year through over 1500 funeral home locations.

Meet the Team!

Anna Robbins

UI Developer

Chris Baber

Product Manager

Chris Gomez

Director of Product Marketing

Clay O'Dell

Operations Support Specialist

Daniell Jara

Product Manager

Denise Chabarria

Director of Operations & Support

Erin Merriott

Erin Merriott

Implementation Manager

Jessie Goggans

Operations Support

Joanna Gore

Operations Support

John Chaka

Director of Product Design

Josh McQueen

VP of Product

Julie Hofmann

Julie Hofmann

Implementation Manager

Kaley Young

Account Manager

Kaylan Johnson

Operations Support

Kelly Gilgenbach

VP of Sales

Kelsey Duce

Product Marketing Manager

Kelsey Swearingen

Director of Account Services

Kristie Alexander

Product Marketing Manager

Macy McClung

UI Designer

Marcus Wilson

Director of Product Management

Nick Tunheim

VP of Client Services

Rachel Galloway

Client Services Manager

Reagan Biggs

Operations Support Specialist

Sharaie Heizelman

Account Manager

Sierra Chaffin

Implementation Manager

Tarrence Price

Operations Support

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Company Benefits

Passare offers a generous compensation and benefits package to team members.

Competitive Compensation
Dental/Vision Insurance
Health Insurance
Charity Giving Match
Life Insurance
Health and Wellness Center
401(k) Contribution Match
Helpers of People Leave