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Passare is proud to announce a much-anticipated feature: eSignatures! Now you can collect and track signatures online at no extra cost to your funeral home.

eSignatures: An Easier Way to Sign

Getting signatures on your forms can be a challenge. You have to print, scan, and email forms back and forth, which can be confusing for some families. And signature software isn’t much better. Each form has to be set up, then downloaded and re-uploaded into your management software. That’s just a hassle.

Get Your Signatures Faster

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We've got you set up.

Passare has already set up many of your most commonly used forms for eSignatures. Best of all, you get eSignatures at no extra cost, built right into Passare.

Get more done with one click.

Send as many forms to as many people as you want with one click. First, choose your forms, then add the names of the signers, and hit send!

Easy for you and your families.

We’ve created a simple signing experience. Your families just have to click to add a signature. Once signed, the form will be saved in the case, so it's always there when you need it.

With eSignatures, you can:

  • Collect signatures from families with the click of a button anywhere, anytime
  • Select the forms you want signed, choose who you will send each form to, and then hit send
  • Receive text or email notifications when a form is signed

There’s no need for families to print, sign, scan, and email documents, and no need for funeral homes to download and upload forms. Experience simplicity with eSignatures.

If you’re interested in this feature and want to see what else Passare has to offer, fill out the form to request a free demo today.