Planning Center keeps everyone on the same page.


Never send the wrong version of the obituary to the newspaper again. Planning Center makes it easy to stay on the same page with families when it comes to the obituary, service times and preferences, biographical information, and much more. You can even share documents, files, photos, and checklists!

Case Management for Passare Planning Center

“As we continue to leverage more and more of Passare’s capabilities, we have realized that certain tools, such as the Passare notes and checklists, help us work better together on cases. We’re really looking forward to seeing more of how these administrative tools in Passare can help us enhance our internal collaboration and help us increase our efficiency as a team.”

Jose Amezcua

Manager, Funeral Director/Embalmer

Sunset Funeral Homes, El Paso, TX


Want to dive into online collaboration with your families?

Your families have changed. Families today have shifted how they prefer to communicate and interact with businesses, and the funeral industry is not alone in this shift. If we want to keep up with the changing needs of funeral consumers, we have to adapt. This eBook explores how your families have changed, how the Planning Center works, how you can use the Planning Center to reach more families, and best practices for you and your staff. Ready to enhance your service to today’s families?


Easy for you and the families you serve.

For today’s families, convenience is absolutely key. With Planning Center, you can make it as easy and convenient as possible for families to collect biographical information, plan service details, and explore personalization options with access to a library of great information on the value of a healing funeral or memorial.

The process is simple
Invite families by email or text

First, you can invite families to start their plans online by email or text, or simply have them go to your website to access your unique Planning Center link.

Help families plan virtually

You can work with families to start planning virtually using video conferencing or phone calls, or simply allow them to plan at their own pace, whichever method you prefer.

Finalize plans

Gather electronic signatures, sync the obituary to to your website, and apply all the information collected to your forms with a single click.

Welcome to our Planning Center


esignature-icon-checkmark  Get eSignatures quickly and easily

Getting signatures from families can be a challenge when you are working remotely. They have to print, scan, and email forms back and forth, which can be confusing. And signature software isn’t much better. Each form has to be set up, then downloaded and re-uploaded into your management software. That’s just a hassle. That's why we've added eSignatures to Passare. Now you can get signatures from families anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost.


family biography

icon-notes-pen  Write obituaries in real time

Have you ever sent the wrong version of the obituary to the newspaper? It happens when you have emails and attachments going back and forth. But not when you have Passare’s Planning Center. Family members can now work on the obituary in real time, and once everyone agrees it’s final, you can send it to your website and the newspaper with full confidence that you are sending the right document.

family-bio  Spend more time helping families plan a meaningful service

Because you can have families enter the biographical information in the Planning Center before your arrangement appointment, you now have more time to help them plan a healing and meaningful service. Simply review the information collected for accuracy and then move on to the most important aspect of planning a funeral: making it personal!

Less paperwork. More time for relationships.

With the Planning Center, you can save time on the paperwork when families are able to come in and spend more time with them talking about what matters most: creating a unique and meaningful funeral for the loved one.

Everything a family needs in one place.

Families can connect with other family members, upload photos and videos, sign documents, view checklists, and even work with you in real time on the obituary. Best of all? You don’t have to worry about miscommunications, missed phone messages, and texts and emails that don’t make it into your case file.

Educate families on the value of a service while you sleep.

Many families today don’t understand the value of having all the elements of a service represented in some way. Good thing the Planning Center helps you educate families on the value of a funeral ceremony while you sleep. Families can access a library of resources for personalizing a service and the grief and healing process right from the Planning Center.

Want to offer families a better planning experience?

The Planning Center will help you meet families where they are so they can plan in the way they prefer. Click the button below to see a demo of the Planning Center!