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Collaborate with your Families

Passare’s most unique feature is the Family Collaboration Center, a highly interactive, real-time environment that simplifies the planning process for both you and the families you serve.

Benefits Your Customers Will Love

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Are your families using texts, email, phone calls, and social media to plan a funeral? There is a better way with Passare’s Family Collaboration Center. Now your families can connect and collaborate online...and keep you at the center of the conversation. Want to see how it works? Start your FREE trial to see what your families will experience!

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Enhance Communication

Passare brings the funeral director back into the center of the conversation with an all-in-one communication platform designed to make the funeral planning process easier, faster, and more convenient.

Stay on the Same Page

With interactive features such as chat messaging, obituary templates, document sharing, and checklists, Passare keeps you and the families you serve on the same page so you don’t have to.

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Educate Families

The Family Collaboration Center guides a family through the funeral planning process with educational videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to resources that can be customized by your funeral home.

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Collaborate Before a Loss

Passare’s Collaboration Center is also available to imminent need families, helping them to work ahead without having to leave their loved one’s bedside. It’s a win-win for you and the families you serve.

Easily Process Payments

Now it's simple to work with family members to capture payments. With Passare, you can process credit card payments from multiple family members, anytime, anywhere, using any Internet-connected device.

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Get More Hugs

Our clients’ customer satisfaction scores consistently show that families who use Passare provide higher ratings for the funeral home’s service…and that means you get more hugs from the families you serve.

Take it for a Spin!

Try the Family Collaboration Center and see how easy it is for friends and family members to enter biographical information, select preferences, work on the obituary, share documents, and even chat with one another and you, their funeral director.

Working With Hospice

This case study shares how one funeral home has begun sharing Passare’s Family Collaboration Center with hospice workers – and the results are inspiring!

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Welcome to our Family Collaboration Center

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Video IconVideos

Your families will be introduced to the funeral planning process with explanatory videos that introduce the features of the Family Collaboration Center and answer frequently asked questions.

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Chat IconGroup Messaging

Most families use phone calls, email, text, or social media to communicate and organize their ideas about a final celebration of life ceremony. The only problem is, those conversations are happening way before the family ever steps through your doors. Passare’s messaging feature brings the funeral director back into the center of those conversations. Family members can now collaborate in real time by messaging each other and their funeral director, making the planning process easier, faster, and more efficient for everyone.

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Checklist IconChecklists

With Passare, you can create custom checklists for your families to view and interact with. Checklists can be set up as questionnaires to gather important information that will help you get to know their lost loved one. Checklists are also helpful in informing the family of what to bring and which tasks need to be accomplished by a certain time. Finally, read-only checklists can also be shared with families to appraise them of the status of important documentation, such as the death certificate, veteran’s benefits claim, or life insurance claim.

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Biography Avatar IconBiographical Information

Families can gather and enter their loved one’s biographical information from the comfort of home at their own convenience, saving time during the arrangement conference for creating a more personalized event.

Loved One’s Story

In this section, families can share important details about their loved one’s life and what they loved the most. The loved one’s story section will help funeral directors create more personalized and meaningful funeral services.

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Online Form IconObituary

Writing a great obituary that everyone is happy with can seem like an impossible task at times. That is why funeral directors love the obituary feature on Passare. Family members can log on to Passare and start working on the obituary from anywhere, at any time. No more emails going back and forth, no more confusion about which version to send to the paper. Passare keeps everyone on the same page so you don’t have to.

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Document with arrow pointing outward from the center to show sharing.Document Sharing

Quickly and easily share documents, photos, and videos with families. For example, families can upload veteran forms, signed documents, photos for a slideshow and home videos to assist in the funeral planning process.

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Circle life preserver iconResources

Create your own resource library to help families learn more about the grief process, planning a healing and meaningful funeral, burial and cremation options, veteran’s benefits, and much more. You can provide customized links to resources including helpful articles, videos, and planning tools, and grief and healing resources to help your families navigate the journey through grief after a loss.

“Our biggest successes so far have been when families use the Collaboration Center…A short time after we got onboard with Passare, an imminent need family came in to do some more detailed planning. I mentioned to them that we could help them write the obituary and told them I’d start a basic framework for them in the online Collaboration Center. They went in and created a beautiful obituary, something that would have taken hours of time at the funeral home...I even noticed that 20 minutes before they came in for the final arrangement conference, they were making last-minute changes to the obituary, so they were really engaged with the process.”

Jacob Wittrock

Owner and Funeral Director of Stewart-Baxter Funeral & Memorial Services

Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Mt. Vernon, Iowa