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Never miss a beat when serving families as a team


Connect and communicate with families in real time


Manage your business with real-time reports and insights


Connect with partners to enhance your efficiency


Collaborate with other funeral homes and your Passare team

Collaborate with Your Locations

Whether you have one funeral home location or one hundred, you need to be able quickly and easily view business insights that work for you and your team.

Access All Your Locations, Anytime

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Passare customers love the convenience of being able to access all of their location information, anytime, anywhere, from any device. Quickly and easily manage locations inventory, payables, accounting, roles & permissions, and so much more from Passare’s all-in-one system.

Want to Understand the New Funeral Consumer?

There is no doubt that funeral consumers are changing. But what are the driving forces behind those changes? This ebook offers an in-depth guide to the new funeral consumer including where we are today and where we are headed in the future. Based on the results of the largest study ever conducted on funeral consumer preferences and behaviors, this ebook will give you the insights you need to succeed in today’s changing market.

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Care Center

The Care Center offers an advanced tracking system for the care and preparation of each decedent in your organization. Get instant access to information on embalming, dressing, casketing and more, available anytime, anywhere.

“The biggest benefit [of using Passare] for us is its simplicity. From a multi-location standpoint, I can see all of my branches at one time without logging out and logging back in. You can see everything that is happening all from one place, and you can share that information with other funeral directors, which has helped us become more efficient. ”

Marcus Crawford

Owner/Funeral Director

Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation

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Create, Share and Automate Your Reports

Passare’s robust reporting tools allow you to access information and business insights on the fly. Take a look at business trends, pinpoint areas for training, and keep track of important information such as cash flow and receivables.


First, you can work with your Passare customer success team to build custom reports based on your specific needs, pulling from hundreds of fields within Passare’s system.


Next, selected reports can be shared with key team members so that everyone is always on the same page regarding their location and area of responsibility.


Finally, automate your reports! Send out daily schedules to your team, get business insights delivered to your inbox every week, or set up automated monthly financial reports.

More Features

Single Login

With Passare, you can use one login to access all your locations and manage your business at the organization level, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you are on the road or at home.

Inventory Management

Track and manage merchandise inventory automatically based on case data files to gain an accurate picture of the merchandise available across all locations at any given time.

Check Writing

Print and manage check payments to vendors for services and cash advance items. This feature will help you streamline payments, reduce payment errors, and save time for administrative staff across all locations.


With Passare, your accounting information is exactly where you need it, when you need it, for all your locations. Exports optimized for QuickBooks, Great Plains, Federated, and more accounting solutions make accounting a breeze.

Roles & Permissions

Manage access to your information within Passare by creating custom roles with unique permissions for each employee so that your staff has access to the exact information they need…nothing more, nothing less.

Business Hierarchy

With Passare, you have unprecedented visibility into the inner workings of your business. View reports by location or roll everything up to the organization level for at-a-glance insights into your entire business.

Rolodex Management

Manage your contacts from clergy to hospice staff to vendors and more from your all-in-one rolodex within Passare. Assign locations to contacts so that the most pertinent contacts are available within each case.

Custom Case Numbers

Passare offers flexibility with case numbering so that you can use a case numbering system that makes sense for you and your business. Assign tags for locations, case type, and so much more.

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