Collaborate with your...


Never miss a beat when serving families as a team


Connect and communicate with families in real time


Manage your business with real-time reports and insights


Connect with partners to enhance your efficiency


Collaborate with other funeral homes and your Passare team

Collaborate with your Locations

Whether you have one funeral home location or twenty, you need to be able quickly and easily view business insights that work for you and your team.

Manage Your Business the Way You Want

Business Hierarchy

With organization tools to help you manage multiple locations, you have unprecedented visibility into the inner workings of your business. At any given moment, you can see everything that is happening at each of your locations in real time. You can also view in-depth reporting by location or roll everything up to the organization level for at-a-glance insights into your entire business.

Roles & Permissions

Passare offers you incredible flexibility for managing access to your information within the platform.

From your reception staff to your managing funeral directors, and everyone in between, you can create custom roles with unique permissions for each employee so that your staff has access to the exact information they need, when they need it.

“We are saving about 30 to 45 minutes per arrangement with the families that use our Collaboration Center link, and we are finding that those families have a heightened sense of satisfaction.”

Duffy Swan

Chairman of French Funerals - Cremations

Albuquerque, NM





Viewing and understanding analytics and business trends can help you enhance your service to families, pinpoint areas for training, and keep track of important information such as cash flow and receivables. With Passare’s robust reporting tools, you can now build custom reports, share them with key staff members, and automate scheduled reports to be delivered to you when you need them.

Accounting Isn’t a Science, It’s an Art

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing every number is in its place and your accounts are perfectly aligned at the end of the day. With Passare, your accounting options are set up to be flexible and adaptable to your needs, so your information is exactly where you need it, when you need it. When you are ready, simply export your funeral service data to QuickBooks, Great Plains, and other accounting solutions to streamline your accounting process and eliminate errors due to double entry. It’s that easy.