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Kent Wilson

Groesbeck Funeral Home

"I used the app on a hospice call, and it worked great! The nurse was able to transfer all the death-call information without a problem. It was easy, quick, and most important to me, it flowed well.”

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Download the app

Follow the steps in the linked article to download the beta app and share your feedback with our product team.
App Download Article


How to sign-in

Learn how to sign in to your app and choose your sign-in preference.
Article


Settings navigation

Learn how to change your organization, manage your settings, sign out of your app, and see the app version.
Profile Management Article


View your case listing

View your case listing in the app and learn to search, filter, pin, unpin, and navigate your cases.
Case Listing Article


Create cases

Learn how to create cases on the go in the mobile app.
Case Creation Article


Watch a video

Watch this scenario-based overview video to learn more about the app.
Watch App Review