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Why Passare?

You may be wondering…why should my funeral home choose Passare over any other funeral administration system? Simply put, the needs of families have changed, the needs of your staff have changed, and the needs of your business have changed.

Consumers Are Changing

There is no question. Consumers today are changing.

In a recent study commissioned by 18 of the largest funeral providers in the nation, research found that 63% of Americans are dissatisfied with their communication with funeral professionals. A staggering 48% were dissatisfied with funeral service as a whole.

The fact is, the internet, smartphones, texting, and social media are here to stay. Funeral directors everywhere are changing how they communicate and engage with families to better meet their needs.

The Needs of Your Staff and Your Business Have Changed

When asked “How are you doing?” most funeral professionals will answer, “Busy!” The funeral business just seems to get more complex with the more time that goes by. Staff members are bogged down with paperwork, data entry, and forms. All these time killers get in the way of serving families!

If you are like most funeral directors, you are bogged down with a schedule that is composed of:

  • Using antiquated technology from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to manage a 21st century business
  • Keying and rekeying the same data into multiple systems, multiple times per day
  • Forms, forms, forms, accounting, reporting, memorial printing, and more forms
  • Correcting errors from manual data entry
  • Delays because of miscommunications with families, staff, partners, and other service providers

The Problem?

Families today need more of our time, care and attention than ever before, but it seems like every day, we have less and less time to give.

So, how can we give families what they want and need AND beat the time killers that bog us down daily? Collaboration is the key. With Passare’s online collaboration platform, you will save the day for your team and the families you serve.

Our Solution

Passare is the funeral profession’s one and only online collaboration platform. It does everything your funeral home administration software does and much more. Passare helps you connect and communicate with your families, your team, your locations, and your partners, all in real time, making your life much easier in the process.

Collaborate with your...


Passare brings your team together so that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to get done, saving time and eliminating errors. Set alerts and reminders to stay on task, automatically populate easily customizable forms with the click of a button, and collaborate internally with other funeral directors on a case.



Passare partners with a growing number of vendors to save you even more time by eliminating double and triple data entry on case information. You can now connect directly to your partners such as your website provider, memorial printing vendor, consulting service, accounting service, answering service, insurance assignment company, or preneed provider with just the click of a button.



Passare’s collaboration platform offers families a fully interactive space that allows them to collaborate with you and with each other on service preferences, the obituary, and biographical information…all in real time.



Whether you have one location or one hundred, Passare is built to help you manage your business efficiently, streamline processes, and improve visibility of what is going on in your business at any given time.


"The collaboration process between the funeral home and the families we serve is turning out to be a very, very important part of our interaction with our client families, and we are seeing our quality surveys rising as a result."

John Horan

President/CEO of Horan & McConaty

Denver, CO

Stand Out with Passare

In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. When you choose Passare, your families will enjoy a smoother, more flexible planning process that takes their needs and preferences into account. Passare distinguishes your funeral home as the leading provider of service in the marketplace, drawing new families in through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

Everybody Wins!

With Baby Boomers aging into our consumer market, it is time to make some changes. Passare can help. Passare offers flexibility that families love and increased efficiency, which our funeral home clients love. Everybody wins!

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It’s time to take a closer look at Passare, the funeral profession’s premier family collaboration software with integrated case management.