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Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services on Why Reliable Software (and Tech Support) Mean Everything

Ballard Durand - Matthew Fiorillo

Matthew Fiorillo, Owner and President of Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services, wanted better software that would meet all his needs and had reliable support. That’s when he discovered Passare!

After implementing the software two years ago, Matthew and his team are able to complete tasks more efficiently and get great tech support whenever they need it.

Learn about the successes Matthew and his team have achieved with Passare.

How would you describe your overall experience with Passare?

My overall experience with Passare has been fantastic.

What convinced you it was time to switch to Passare?

There were a few factors that convinced me to switch to Passare.

First, the software is just so easy to use. And I saw Passare grow and develop the software over the years so it could meet our printing needs. With our previous software, we were boxed into a template they provided for all our print materials.

Passare isn’t like that. We can get as creative as we want to with our print materials.

One of the other key factors was Passare’s tech support. Our previous software company’s tech support had really dropped off, and it was difficult to get someone on the phone. They’d put you in a queue of callers and say they would get back to you.

That wasn’t helpful.

But the tech support at Passare has been great. When I first signed up, I made it clear that good support was a big deal to me. And our Premium Support representative has been awesome. She’s always right there to help me with a solution.

What was the process like switching to Passare?

Switching to Passare was seamless. Naturally, I was concerned about switching to a new case management software because transitioning systems is a big deal.

But I had nothing to fear. Passare carried over all of our old cases, and everything imported perfectly well.

And even after implementation, things have been great. There are so many things Passare can do, and there are great resources and training available to learn new features.

With our previous software, it wasn’t like that. No one told us what features were available to us. I used to call support at our previous software and say, “I wish I could do this with the software.” Most of the time, they’d answer and say it could do what I wanted, but it would be an additional charge to turn that feature on.

And that’s another thing: Passare has all the features you need, and they don’t nickel and dime you for every little thing you want to use. It’s all included in the program. That’s something we really like about Passare.

Speaking of features, is there one you're really enjoying right now? 

As an owner, I love the reporting features in Passare. I have custom reports set up, and I also use a lot of the reports that are built into the software. All of them get sent straight to my inbox, so I never have to hunt down data to figure out how my business is doing.

Do you have any other favorite features in Passare?

Data entry in Passare is super simple. We enter information once, hit the sync button, and the information goes everywhere it needs to go. This capability has streamlined our entire data entry process, and we never have to worry if everything is correct. I always say, “If it’s correct in Passare, it’s correct everywhere else, from your websites to your forms.”

My team also likes the Notes feature. Anytime they take a phone call, they can go into the case in Passare and make notes like: This family member called, and she wants 5 death certificates mailed to the attorney and 5 sent to her brother in Seattle.

With notes on all our cases, any staff member can answer the phone and help a family, even if they aren’t the funeral director on the case. We never have to say, “I’ll have to put you in touch with the funeral director who handled that.” There’s none of that anymore. We’re always up to date because of Notes.

We’ve also started using the AI Obituary Writer, and it’s been great. We do have to edit it a little bit just like anything else, but it’s really cool. Passare was one of the first to embrace AI, and it was nice to see our software on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Do you have any favorite integrations in Passare?

I really enjoy the ability to integrate Passare with our other services. For example, we’re able to integrate Answering Service for Directors, and that’s been great. Additionally, we sync Passare with our website and now we can easily post obituaries to the site.

Passare’s integration with Graystone has allowed us to easily get reports as well. Data is exported from Passare and put directly into the Graystone report that is automatically emailed to me the first week of every month. That’s made reporting so easy.

What's been your experience working with Premium Support?

My experience working with Premium Support has been awesome. Like I’ve previously mentioned, reliable support was a huge concern of mine, but the Passare team has been so helpful and thorough when we have questions.

Any time you implement something new, especially software, you need some extra support in the beginning because it’s such a big change. But Premium Support at Passare was there for us every step of the way and still is. It’s been great.

Would you recommend Passare to another funeral home? 

Passare is one of the better case management softwares out there, and it serves all of our needs. I actually recommended Passare to one of my friends in Pennsylvania this year (who is now also using Passare), and I told him he had to sign up with Premium Support because it’s a must-have service!

I would absolutely recommend Passare to anyone.

About the funeral home:

Matthew Fiorillo is the President and Owner of Ballard-Durand Funeral & Cremation Services. Each year they serve around 600 families at their 3 different locations in New York. Their main location is in White Plains, New York.


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