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Buranich Funeral Home's Secret to Saving Time on Data Entry

Spotlight - BURANICH

Gino Lustrinelli, funeral director, noticed the team at Buranich Funeral Home, INC. was struggling to stay organized and spending too much time on data entry.

They had clunky, outdated software, and some even resorted to pen and paper to keep up with all the details. Gino knew there had to be a better way, so he started searching for a new software system.

That's when he discovered Passare!

Passare has been a game-changer for Gino and the team, allowing them to collect all their data in one place and cut time on data entry to give them more time with families. Gino shares how easy Passare is to use and how it’s helped them improve processes at their funeral home.


What case management software were you using before Passare?

Before we started using Passare, we were using MIMS. It was rather clunky - picture something similar to a Windows 98 operating system! As you can imagine, it wasn’t appealing and was very limited in its capabilities.

We wanted software with a more updated, user-friendly system that we could access from anywhere.

How did Passare ease the frustrations and problems you experienced using MIMS?

A huge difference we’ve seen working with Passare is the staff. At Passare, the employees are more in touch with funeral directors' and funeral homes' needs. In the past, when we needed support from MIMS, it felt like we were calling tech support. I get a much different experience with Passare.

When I call Passare, it almost feels like I’m calling someone who works in the office with me every day. They are friendly and truly understand our needs - not just the software.

Additionally, there are people at Passare who specialize in certain areas of the software. That said, when I call for support, I never feel like I’m just getting passed along to the next person with no answers. The next person can always help me because they transfer us to someone who specializes in solving the problems we’re facing.

It seems like you have had a great support experience!

The whole support team has been incredible. Every time we call, they know exactly what we’re talking about, even if we aren’t always the best at describing our problems. Honestly, I feel like they can be mind readers at times! I’ll describe something in vague terms, and they know exactly what I mean and work hard to fix the problem.

What has your experience been like working with the Passare Implementation Team?

Getting our team on Passare was seamless. We did have a few team members that were hesitant to switch systems at first, and our biggest thing was making sure they felt comfortable with Passare. The Implementation Team did just that!

They were very thorough and covered everything from A to Z to help our team feel confident using the new system. And afterward, they always offered to call back and schedule 1-on-1 meetings or group meetings to ensure our team was experiencing success with Passare.

Do all of your employees use Passare?

Software is only as good as the people using it, so everyone on our team uses Passare. The biggest positive of getting everyone on board is that we don’t have to deal with people writing information on random sticky notes and others having to decipher it later. Everything is in Passare now, making team communication so much easier!

I mean, even our accountant has a login to Passare. Passare has enabled him to have all our financial information, goods and services, and other insights at his fingertips. Rather than him having to feel like he’s pestering us for random details, he now has all the financial information he needs in one place.

What has your experience been using the Passare mobile (beta) app?

I’ve been using the Passare mobile app while it’s in beta, and I like it a lot because I can pull details up on my phone from home. Before, if someone called through the answering service, I wouldn’t be able to get them an answer until I got back to the funeral home. With Passare mobile, I can get the detail they’re looking for immediately by pulling it up on the app.

People are shocked when they get a phone call back from me right away. They’ll call with questions late at night. When I respond quickly with the detail, they say, “You didn’t have to call me back right away!”

But why not? With Passare mobile, boom - all the information is right there.

What's a feature you love in Passare?

I’m probably speaking for a couple of people here as well, but personally, my favorite feature is the dashboard in Passare. It’s very nice to have all our cases laid out by most recent. We have everything set up at the top of our dashboard, so when new cases get created, they appear at the top.

Plus, each case on the dashboard will show its case identifier, the decedents' name, their photos, the director working on the case, and the contract details.

Having all that at my fingertips is great.

Also, the forms are incredible. In the past, we would have to fill in many fields. With Passare, filling out forms is quick and easy with its autofill capabilities.

We added information into the back end of Passare, so now forms are basically autonomous. Forms print quickly too because a lot of the information autopopulates. We like that a lot because when working with a family, we don’t like to leave them waiting around in the arrangement conference for a long time while we work on forms.

Preparing and printing documents we need signed now only takes us minutes to do. It’s awesome.

What's your favorite integration?

The integration with Answering Service for Directors (ASD) has been extremely helpful. For example, when our administrative assistants come into the office in the morning and have had several death calls come in throughout the night, all the calls taken by ASD are already on the dashboard. They can create cases based on the information recorded by ASD, so they don’t have to re-enter a bunch of information.

Passare has significantly reduced the redundancies of funeral service. In the past, we had to type information several times and in different locations. With Passare, we put something in once, and we’re done.

What would you tell a funeral director that's not using Passare?

If you aren’t using Passare, you’re just hurting yourself at this point. There are so many important things a funeral director has to do throughout each day. The last thing you should be worried about is your system not operating, a form not printing correctly, or an important detail not being transposed right.

There are a billion other things to worry about as a funeral director. Fortunately, Passare isn’t one of them for us. The software works so well, allowing us more time to focus on our families rather than worrying about the logistics of our cases.


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