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How Samuel J. Jones Funeral Home, Inc. Made Major Upgrades with Passare

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Brandon Mosby, owner and funeral director at Samuel J. Jones Funeral Home, knew his team's struggles revolved around mountains of paperwork. Not only did inputting information by hand require endless amounts of time, but so did having to search for files manually.

He and his staff needed a more efficient way to operate. Passare has helped his team cut down on manual tasks and organize cases in a streamlined way for everyone!

How would you describe your experience with Passare so far? 

We have been with Passare for almost 4 years, and it has been a game-changer for our business and staff.  

What was your biggest challenge before switching to Passare?

Before we switched to Passare, we were doing everything by hand. All the forms and documents were so tedious, and our staff was spending way too much time on the paperwork.

Our previous process took hours and was inefficient.

How has Passare helped turn those challenges around?

For one, we have all our forms uploaded online. If we wanted a form and were comfortable with it, we would send it over, and you guys would upload it and create a digital version of it. We didn’t have to navigate figuring out new software along with adjusting to new form layouts. I was so impressed by how Passare adapted to our needs in that way.

Plus, the forms auto-populate information based on case details, which saves us so much time. It makes life so much easier.

So much time is saved with Passare because everything is in one system. I can find information in a matter of seconds. I can search by decedent’s name, or by family members' names, because we always input everyone involved from the conference. Then, Passare will bring up all the information we need. It just makes life so much simpler.

What would you say are some of your favorite features with Passare? 

I know this is rare, but we love the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) integration. It has been incredible in cutting down on extra steps and data entry with how we file registered death certificates. It’s an awesome feature.

Another time-saving feature is simply having the ability to gather all the information and have it in one specific place where each staff member has access to it. We appreciate the way we can generate bills and create invoices.

How has Passare improved communication for your team?

In the funeral business, there's a lot of moving parts. It’s impossible for everybody to always be in the arrangement conference. Some funeral directors might be out at funerals while you're meeting with families. So, they need an easy and efficient way to stay up to date on family preferences and any changes that have been discussed.

Internal notes take the pressure off of keeping track of what information has or hasn’t been passed along to the appropriate staff members. The Notes feature allows everybody to be on the same page. I can leave updates on cases so everybody's up to speed on what's happening. We love the visibility that comes with having our whole staff using the software.

Would you recommend Passare to a colleague?

Yeah, I have multiple times! It’s funny because the people I am sharing Passare with are usually our competitors, but Passare is too beneficial to keep a secret.

Our industry is slow to adopt technology. That’s why I suggest Passare to other funeral homes because they're struggling. I want to help them and make things more efficient. It all comes down to providing the best service to families, and Passare helps with that, which means it is good for everyone…even our competition!

We look forward to continuing to work with the company, and we look forward to all the new things Passare is going to come up with.

About the funeral home:

Samuel J. Jones Funeral Home is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving around 190 families every year.


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