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How Wilson Funeral Home Improved its Process with Passare

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Owner and funeral director Jason Wilson, Sr., at Wilson Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Ohio, realized he needed funeral home software that offered more than just case management. He needed a software solution that would improve his business and help his staff provide better, more convenient service to families.

And that’s when he found Passare!

With Passare, Jason was able to smooth business operations and connect with families in new ways. Jason shares why he switched to Passare, his favorite features, and why he believes Passare is a good investment for any funeral home.

How long have you been with Passare?

We’ve been with Passare for several years.

Were you using case management software before Passare?

Yes, before Passare, we were using SRS. And it worked fine, but I really only liked and used one of the features.

There was this widget in SRS that allowed you to view calls. That was all I liked about it. But after a few years, I realized I needed to start looking for software that had more to offer me and my team.

What made you switch to Passare?

When I first started looking into Passare, the company actually presented their development plan to us. I thought this was really forward thinking, and the fact that they shared it with a prospective customer stood out to me.

And while I’ll admit I haven’t been the most proactive when it comes to technology, I do believe in being a forward thinker when it comes to my funeral home.

After meeting with the folks at Passare, I could tell they were going to continue innovating and building on their platform in the years to come. That’s when I finally decided to go with Passare because I knew it was an investment for now and for the future.

Another big differentiator I noticed about Passare was that the software was funeral focused. Everything, from how the case management works to the many options you have to collaborate with and serve families through the Planning Center, are unique software solutions made for funeral service.

Passare was made to improve case management, but it was also made to improve the entire day-to-day process at the funeral home for everyone. That wasn’t my experience with SRS; that was just case management software to me.

There’s a lot more to funerals than case management. Passare understands that.

How have your employees responded to Passare?

Well, many funeral directors dislike change, and my staff was in the same boat. I can’t blame them; I was nervous about a new software too. SRS was what we knew how to use, so we were hesitant to learn a new platform.

But during Passare implementation, my staff got a hands-on experience with Passare. After that, they realized how much easier it was going to make their day-to-day processes. The fear of learning something new vanished. It turned into a passion to learn Passare.

What's a new feature you've recently started using?

We just recently started using the First American Integration in Passare to process payments. We’re all excited about it because we have the ability to process payments using a credit card terminal rather than having to type in the card number. It’s simple for families too, which we love.

What's your experience been with support?

Support is fantastic! The Passare team is wonderful. They’re very timely with their responses, and we always have a great experience working with them.

What's your favorite integration and why?

Directors Business Solution (DBS) is one of our favorite integrations! Branddy is our accountant, and she’s great to work with.

When we were using SRS, I would have to enter everything into our accounting service, and then retype it into SRS. With the DBS integration in Passare, I don’t have to do a thing. All the information from DBS flows easily into Passare. Now I get monthly reports quickly and easily!

What would you say to a funeral home that isn't using Passare?

My advice to a funeral home who is not using Passare would be to remember why you need funeral home software to begin with. This is your funeral home and your business, and for it to thrive and grow, you need the right tools.

Invest in the right tools and software now, and your funeral home will grow for generations. Trust me, your admin will love Passare, your funeral directors will love it, and so will your families.

Yes, there’s a learning curve. There is with any new software, even the bad ones! So, why not invest in a good one and teach it to your staff over time? That’s a no-brainer!


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