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Improving Efficiency with Software: Price Funeral Service, Inc. Reviews Passare

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Paperwork was something Ashley Price, owner of Price Funeral Service, Inc., wanted to improve in her funeral home. She needed software to help improve efficiency and allow her more flexibility in her work schedule.

Passare was the solution she was looking for!

With Passare, Ashley enters data once and moves on to her next task, saving her a significant amount of time. Passare's cloud-based capabilities also allow her to check case information and communicate with her team, even when she's away from the funeral home.

Keep reading to see how Passare's timesaving software gives Ashley more time in her day.

How would you describe your overall experience with Passare over the years? 

My experience with Passare has been extremely positive. It's a very user-friendly program that anyone could learn how to use.

What challenges were you facing in your business before you got Passare?

Before Passare, we spent way too much time on paperwork! We wrote everything on paper once and then entered it into the computer. And then we'd type it everywhere it needed to go again, and again, and again. I just knew there had to be a better way.

That's when I started shopping for a software solution to help us cut down on data entry.

What led you to Passare?

I looked at a few different software solutions before choosing Passare. But I really wanted a software that was both cloud-based and efficient. So when I found Passare, it stuck out to me for those reasons. 

I liked the idea that I could step away from the funeral home to pick up my daughter from school or take a trip and check in on the status of things from wherever I was.

If I noticed a mistake in an obituary, I wouldn't have to drive to the funeral home to make the change or call someone to make it for me. I could make the change myself in Passare from wherever I was.

Those were some of the main factors that persuaded me to choose Passare.

What kind of results have you seen since implementing Passare?

Passare has saved me time because I don't have to enter the same information over and over.

Between our website, answering service, and submitting death certificates, there are a lot of places we have to enter information. Before Passare, I'd sit in front of the computer, re-entering data when I had 40 other things to do.

Now, I can put the information in one time, and Passare sends the information everywhere it needs to go. It has been a huge timesaver.

Do you have any favorite features in Passare?

I enjoy several features in Passare that make the case management process more efficient. I can consolidate case details in one file to print and cut down on clutter by keeping one case file versus a whole folder full of paper.

I also like the clergy record in Passare and the military and government forms because they make filling out information very easy.

It sounds like several features in Passare have saved you time.

Yes! The main reason I needed Passare was to decrease repetitive data entry. And with all the features I've mentioned and the integrations with our answering service and website, Passare has helped me do just that. No more entering information over and over. Data entry happens with the click of a button.

Would you recommend Passare to a colleague? 

I recommend Passare, and I have recommended it to a few. Having all your information in Passare, where you can access it from anywhere, makes a huge difference.

Plus, Passare is so easy to use. Older and younger generations of funeral directors can use the software, which is a huge plus. It's been great.

About the funeral home:

Ashley L. Price is the Owner at Price Funeral Service, Inc. and also serves as Supervisor and Funeral Director. Her funeral home has been with Passare since 2019. Each year, they serve around 60 families in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.


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