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How Morrison Funeral Home Saves Time on Death Certificates


Matthew T. Deal knew he no longer wanted install-based software tied to one computer. Passare’s cloud-based platform helped Morrison Funeral Home be more mobile, but Matt and his team never expected how much time they would save with reporting, data management, and the biggest “mental savings” of them all: the Pennsylvania Electronic Death Registration System (PA EDRS) integration.


Why did you switch to Passare? 

We used another case management software, which I liked for many things, but I preferred the cloud-based setup for Passare. I loved how my team could access Passare from any internet-connected device without having to install any proprietary software. And transferring to Passare was pretty simple. The folks at Passare did most of the work and were very helpful in creating specific forms that we wanted and migrating our data.


What feature are you loving most in Passare?

The Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) integration has provided incredible time-saving benefits for us! Certifying a death certificate was a strenuous process that involved perfectly penned death certificates and medical professionals outside of our funeral home.

We also had the habit of entering a case in Passare and then entering the same information in EDRS, and after you do a couple of those, you think: I can’t believe I’m doing this again with the exact same data. It would be like finishing a 5k, and as soon as you break the ribbon, the race director is standing there telling you that you’re not done until you do it all over again. Now, I don’t even have to leave the building to have a death record produced!

The EDRS integration has provided intangible time and mental savings because I only have to enter information once, and fewer errors are introduced that way! Kudos to Passare for making this happen!


Any other integrations you like?

Yes, we’re very happy with the ones we’ve partnered with. Everyone has their own role: we do funerals, Frazer handles the website, Passare is the technology platform, and ASD answers the phone. Everybody is an expert at what they do, and we’re all trying to do same thing to help our families. So, I love that. I’m very happy with our partners and how they integrate in Passare. Partnering with other “experts” makes all of us better.


What's the biggest benefit of Passare as a whole?

The integration with other partners, the embalming reports, and the ability to have one place for ALL of our funeral data needs. Furthermore, I really appreciate Passare proactively making the experience better and not just sitting around and feeling like everything is already perfect. They’re constantly trying to improve the platform or user experience and listening to their customers’ ideas and feedback.

Of course, the cloud-based access is a huge benefit as well, and the support team is top-notch. I could go on!


Have you ever been in a situation where cloud-based access saved the day?

Well, I love fishing and boating on Lake Erie, and my friends and I were on the boat last summer. I’ll never forget. A family called the funeral home and typed my personal extension, and the call was forwarded to my cell phone. So, I was sitting on the boat in my shorts and flipflops when someone called with very specific questions. I had met with the family, and I had done the arrangements, but I didn’t have the case information in front of me. I remembered Passare, put the family on speakerphone, and pulled up the case immediately, right on the water. Passare gave me the freedom to be able to serve that family right away, without having to say, “I’m sorry, I’ll have to call you back later.”


How do you feel about Passare's customer service?

The support team has always been top-notch! Any time we’ve ever had a question, problem, concern, or recommendation, we’ve always felt very well taken care of. I do appreciate some of the well-considered and thought-out solutions and explanations we’ve received. In short, the customer service is the BEST.


What would you tell a funeral director about Passare?

I highly recommend Passare to all my peers and to anyone who is curious! Passare is really the best, one-stop place for compiling all our funeral data, from first call through aftercare, with plenty of opportunities to integrate with other third-party funeral partners.


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