Spotlight: Marlan J. Gary Funeral Home – The Chapel of Peace

Passare customers share their secrets of success through collaboration

Marlan J. Gary Funeral Home – The Chapel of Peace
Locations: Columbus, Ohio
Call Volume: 450 Calls/Year

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Marlan Gary is a licensed funeral director and embalmer and owner of Marlan J. Gary Funeral Home, The Chapel of Peace. With the recent addition of a second funeral home location, he began looking for a software system to help him and his team manage their work more efficiently. Passare’s cloud-based case management system stood out as the clear top choice, especially with the ability to collaborate with families online.

What attracted you to Passare?

We opened our second location this past September (2017), and we were looking for a program that would allow the two locations to communicate with each other as well as the multiple funeral directors that we have. When a family calls in and gives us information or changes information, everyone can see the updates in real time.

What is a feature that you are loving in Passare right now?

One of my favorite things about using Passare is the internal notes. I am a communicator, and I love the fact that I can talk to my families, hear their needs, and then share their information all in a centralized place. It’s so easy and convenient that everyone can read my notes, and it definitely helps us serve families better.

How has Passare helped you manage two locations?

I’m not sure how anyone with multiple locations would operate their business without a product like this. Our communication is better, our efficiency is better, and because of that, we are serving our families with excellence. Passare is just what we needed.

How have your employees responded to Passare?

My staff loves Passare even more than me. They value the fact that it’s web-based, and even if they are out of the office, they can check on a family’s status and know exactly what everyone else knows. It’s been beneficial to have everything in one place, which helps my staff stay informed and connected.

How would you rate your customer service experience with Passare?

Customer support at Passare is awesome. They realize that no two funeral homes are exactly the same. And because of that, every time I call, I feel listened to and that my concerns are pertinent and important.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Passare?

It’s a must-have. If you want to increase efficiency within your funeral home or communication amongst the staff and with the families, Passare is a must-have. You won’t regret making the decision to partner with Passare. I signed up and never looked back.